Does Your Employer Send You On Dream Vacations?




When was the last time your employer sent you and your plus one on a dream trip and then picked up the tab? If it’s been awhile, or if it’s never happened, you might consider taking a closer look at the Reliv lifestyle. Our top earners are pampered and sent on dream vacations to places like Cancun, Mexico and Osaka, Japan. It’s a fun way to reward hard work, celebrate achievements with other Distributors and meet new life-long friends. The best part is, you don’t have to wait… some of our Distributors earn one or two trips their very first year! Continue reading “Does Your Employer Send You On Dream Vacations?”

My Story: Hanna and Jeremiah Pence

Pence Name:Jeremiah & Hanna Pence

Hometown:Enid, OK

Current gig:Reliv, Farming, Volunteer firefighter (Jeremiah)

Pets: cows, chickens, horses, cats, dogs

Love through Reliv: “Jeremiah was in my upline and we became friends through Reliv,” Hanna says. “Finding my wife was the best thing about Reliv. This business attracts quality people!” Jeremiah adds.

Completing the family:“Family is most important. We always wanted to adopt. Because of Reliv we’ve been able to adopt and have time to invest in their lives,” Jeremiah says. “When we first met the girls they didn’t have parents, a home or pets. Today, they love their home and family, and they’ll make sure you meet their dogs or hear about the latest calf to be born,” Hanna adds.

A Reliv Lifestyle: “Thanks to Reliv, our life is focused on people, purpose and things that money can’t buy,” Jeremiah says.