You’re The One That We Want!



If you weren’t at the Reliv International Conference this year, you missed a number of firsts! First of all, Reliv Kalogris Foundation Chairman Scott Montgomery was dressed as Danny from Grease and his wife, Kari, was dressed as Sandy!


This 50’s theme was carried over to the barbecue Saturday night at Reliv HQ. The most unforgettable element was the message You’re the One that We Want with photos of kids from our various nutritional programs pointing at YOU… reminding all of us that WE, together, are the ones who make a difference in these kids’ lives by donating to the Reliv Kalogris Foundation. Continue reading “You’re The One That We Want!”

A Partnership That’s Changing Lives



By Kathy Brawley, Haiti Area Coordinator for the Reliv Kalogris Foundation

Any time there’s a natural disaster in the U.S. or abroad, whether earthquake, hurricane or any other similar calamity, there’s a good chance that within hours you will find the people from Convoy of Hope already on the ground and doing what they do best: caring for people in practical, essential ways. Food, water and shelter are all part and parcel of what Convoy and its donors provide for people in dire situations. Continue reading “A Partnership That’s Changing Lives”

Happy and Healthy in Haiti


As the Reliv Kalogris Foundation celebrates 20 years of helping people around the world, three employees share their experiences visiting the continuing effort in Haiti. Celebrate with us — make plans now to join the RKF 20th Anniversary Celebration at International Conference.

Love Conquers All

By Reliv HR Coordinator Matt Bell

What do I remember most from Haiti? Love. I’ll never forget the love exuded by the kids at the orphanages from the first day we met until the final morning we said our goodbyes.

Continue reading “Happy and Healthy in Haiti”

Seeing is Believing: RKF in Haiti


Lighting the Way to Change
by Senior Vice President and COO Brett Hastings, RKF board member

It had been three years since my first Reliv Kalogris Foundation (RKF) trip to Haiti, a trip I will never forget. While I had not forgotten that experience in my heart and head, from a sensory standpoint, my memory of what it is like to physically visit an RKF program had faded. Then I visited our programs in the Philippines. Continue reading “Seeing is Believing: RKF in Haiti”

High Hope: the Reliv Kalogris Foundation in Peru


By Reggie Ament, Reliv Kalogris Foundation Director

With each trip to visit our Reliv Kalogris Foundation feeding programs, I leave with the feeling that every country is unique. I’m always taken by the delicious food, distinctive culture, friendly people and amazing volunteers who are so committed to our mission. What is not unique is the level of poverty found among the children in our programs. Peru is no exception. Continue reading “High Hope: the Reliv Kalogris Foundation in Peru”

Nourish our World

SchoolDedication-webClasses Are Now in Session!

The Reliv Kalogris Foundation is proud to announce the opening of St. John the Baptist National School of Petite-Anse, Haiti. The school building, damaged in the 2010 earthquake, had been declared unsafe for use in case of future earthquakes. The RKF provided  funds to upgrade the building for sanctioned use as a functioning elementary school.

RKF support reinforced and refurbished the school building and stocked it with new desks, blackboards and supplies. The school now serves more than 200 children from the surrounding area, grades K-6, and plans are in place to expand the facility to serve more than 500 students, including a trade school for older youth.

The school is located just steps away from the Reliv Kalogris Foundation’s children’s home, opened in May 2011. The children’s home, a three story stand-alone structure with three dormitory-style wings, a fully furnished kitchen and two dining halls, provides housing for more than 40 children, most having lost family in the 2010 earthquake.

“From the beginning, our goal was to give these children not only a home but provide education and job training, as well as supplying our nutritional supplement on a daily basis. Through the generosity of Reliv Distributors and employees, we have reached that goal,” said Reliv Kalogris Foundation Chairman R. Scott Montgomery. “The children are thriving and have developed a new family unit in their home and school. The daily nutritional shakes are provided not only to the children in our home but to the 200+ children from the surrounding neighborhood who are also attending this neighborhood school.”  Continue reading “Nourish our World”

Change for the Challenge

Meet Reliv Distributor, Roger Rodriguez, and learn about the creative way he has found to raise money for the Reliv Kalogris Foundation‘s Be the Change fundraiser.

How can you give a little at a time to make a big difference at the Next Level Conference this summer in Kansas City? Let’s get ready for the Rally for the Mission: Game Edition!

Roger Rodriguez“Every year as the season of Lent approaches, we are usually asked to make a sacrifice. Usually I give up something food related, but this year I decided to help out the Reliv Kalogris Foundation. I go to Starbucks several times a week to work on my Reliv business and I buy myself a drink while there. Continue reading “Change for the Challenge”

Reliv Kalogris Foundation Responds to Typhoon Haiyan

Online donations in November to be directed to Philippine disaster relief

Dear Distributor:

The devastating typhoon that struck the Philippines has caused untold damage and impacted countless lives. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this tragedy.

At Reliv, we have a special connection to the Philippines. Not only is it one of our 15 countries of operation, it is also home to 100+ Reliv Kalogris Foundation feeding programs that provide quality nutrition to thousands of needy children every day.

First the good news: many of our Philippine Distributors have contacted us to let us know they are safe. In addition, most feeding programs, including the RKF buildings in Cavite and Welfareville, escaped without damage. Our office in Manila was also unharmed by the storm and our corporate staff has reported that all employees are safe. They are actively participating in relief efforts and preparing to transport water and Reliv products via bus to affected areas.

Unfortunately, we have not yet received news from Philippine Distributors and feeding programs near Tacloban City in the direct path of the storm. We hope and pray for the best. Stay tuned to the RKF Facebook page for updates.

How You Can Help

To support the efforts now underway in the Philippines, all RKF donations made online in November will be directed to Typhoon Haiyan relief. Click here to make a donation.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and thank you for the outpouring of concern you have shown this week. Together we can help restore hope in the Philippines.


R. Scott Montgomery
President of Reliv Asia-Pacific
Reliv Kalogris Foundation Chairman

Building Hope


The Reliv Kalogris Foundation has completed its latest building project: a nutrition center for impoverished children in Welfareville, a depressed area in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. The Foundation raised funds for the project through last year’s annual Rally for the Mission at the 2012 Reliv International Conference.


Through our partnership with Mount Zion Church of the Firstborn (MZCF), this building will be used for the distribution of daily Reliv shakes, two hot meals per week, choir practice, worship services, day care, life skills training and as a clinic for visiting doctors. Thanks to the generosity of Reliv Distributors, these children can look forward to a brighter future.

In Welfareville, shanties house as many as 10 family members, exposing all inhabitants to contagious diseases. Quality nutrition is in vital demand. Of the 60,000 people that live in Welfareville, only 160 children benefit from our program. With your help we hope to add to that number in the years to come. Learn more.

RKF Chairman R. Scott Montgomery hands out cups of Reliv Now® for Kids to needy children. For many of them, this life-giving nutrition is the only way they recognize the care and concern of others. The three-story RFK Nutrition Center stands as a symbol of hope while providing needy children with the nourishment they need. Welfareville is made up of shanties covering approximately 250 acres with the skyscrapers of downtown Manila as their backdrop.

Himig Pag-asa Children’s Choir performed songs of hope and joy at the building dedication ceremony. These children are thriving with better health and social activity. A ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the new nutrition center took place in May. Reliv staff members Shannon Jurenka, Reggie Ament and Scott Montgomery were on hand to celebrate the event. The group from Reliv headquarters was greeted by a parade of children carrying signs of gratitude.


Be Kind to Humankind, Part 3


In our third and final installment celebrating Be Kind to Humankind Week, we’re taking a look at the amazing work the Reliv Kalogris Foundation does here in the United States and the ways you can get involved.

The Reliv Kalogris Foundation’s mission to Nourish Our World doesn’t just international needs, but also includes our efforts in providing nutrition to organizations in the United States. Our Distributors have identified groups in their own communities who are in need of a good nutrition program, and it is through these referrals that we continue to expand our support. If you know of or are involved with such an organization that might be a good fit, please fill out an application for a U.S. Program.

Walking the Walk
Take a look at two of our current US Programs and see what a difference we are making in the lives of the recipients:

Buckheart Ranch Ministries

Sisters of Maternity

Our international programs continue to flourish and in 2012 we had the addition of a new clinic and a commitment for a new nutrition center, both located in the Philippines. Such projects enable our volunteers to provide a clean and safe environment for their daily feedings and utilize the buildings for additional services they are able to offer to their community. The Foundation is proud to be able to provide good nutrition to the thousands of malnourished and undernourished children in its programs, and its building projects take the commitment to these children to the next level by helping them with their education, medical needs and in many cases, a place of worship. None of this work would be possible without the support of our Distributors and Donors.

Check out the Foundation’s latest building project, Welfareville, located in the Philippines.

Want to help be the change you wish to see in the world? Check out this awesome idea from the Kalogris Foundation!