Science & Health Today: Bioavailability Makes Nutrition Count


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Absorb This

Do you ever wonder what nutrients you just ate are doing in your system? Maybe that vitamin C is being used to fight an infection, or hopefully that protein went straight to those abs you’ve been working on all summer. Unfortunately, some of those nutrients may not even enter your system. Just because you ingest a nutrient doesn’t mean it makes it to your bloodstream. Unless nutrients are absorbed, they’re just passing through. Continue reading “Science & Health Today: Bioavailability Makes Nutrition Count”

Reliv Prodcast: Dr. Carl Hastings on The Reliv Difference


The July 2015 Prodcast features an exclusive interview with Dr. Carl Hastings in which he previews his “Reliv Difference” presentation at the upcoming Reliv International Conference.  He also discusses his work on the CRN board and the latest happenings in the nutrition industry.

Listen to the Prodcast on the Reliv Blog, download it on iTunes (and subscribe to receive the Prodcast automatically every month while you’re there!), or dial in to the recording at 866.330.4922.