Seasons Meetings: December is a Great Month for a Reliv Business



Reliv's Don Gibbons


By Senior VP of US Sales Don Gibbons

Many people will do more volume in December than any other month this year. But how can that be? There is so much going on this month. Christmas parties, holiday gatherings, office lunches, family dinners, shopping… when is there time for your Reliv business?

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Reliv December 2015 Recognition



What a finish in 2015! Reliv congratulates the winners of the Grand Escape promotion in November and December 2015. We will all meet in Cancun, Mexico, in April! The Top 30 Master Affiliates in volume expanded to 32. Two of the new Master Affiliates who earned the trip through a drawing were sponsored by Top 30 Volume winners. So – we added a 31st and a 32nd place!

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You Did It!


by Reliv Senior Vice President of U.S. Sales Don Gibbons

Boy, do I love it when I get to say those words to someone. “You did it.” You set your goals. You worked your plan. You broke through and decided you could believe in yourself. You did it. You really did it. Just two short months ago at International Conference in St. Louis, I had the opportunity to say that over and over again! Continue reading “You Did It!”

10 Steps to Help Parents Balance Work and Family


Ever find yourself overwhelmed and stressed because you just came home from an 8-hour workday and your kids are crying – one wants help with homework, the other wants you to play Legos? Then add dinner, three loads of laundry and taking the dog for a walk!

What’s left is little, if any, time to actually enjoy the family life you work so hard to support. That’s why you need balance. Achieving work-family life balance can be tough, but it’s vitally important to your happiness as a parent.  Here are some tips to help establish priorities and figure out what works best for you. Continue reading “10 Steps to Help Parents Balance Work and Family”