Daring to Dream

Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales Ryan Montgomery traveled around the country this fall to tell the story. What he found was the Reliv story told back to him – through inspiring accounts of better health, changed lives and renewed hope. Continue reading “Daring to Dream”

Headed to Los Cabos!

los cabos Congratulations to the following Distributors who have advanced an Ambassador level and have earned a trip to Los Cabos for the Leadership Celebration! Will YOU be there with them? Learn more here.


  • Leonel & Olga Mendoza, NE


  • Mindy Jones, GA


  • Tom & Val Moody, IL


David & Betty Blazic, KS


  • Myriam & Franck Bouvattier, FRANCE
  • Jovita & Alfredo Colima, NE
  • Pedro & Teresa Colima, IA
  • Ratna Dewi, INDONESIA
  • Anne Favrot, FRANCE
  • Earl & Marcia Jantz, OK
  • Caroline & Eric Labourier, FRANCE
  • Jennifer Weaver & Didier Rouaud, MI
  • Marlien Widjaja, INDONESIA


  • Vianey Alarcon, KS
  • Marvin Louis & Lie Semiwati, INDONESIA
  • Leonard & Margaret Nafziger, OH
  • Marcela & Bernardino Navarro, OK
  • Francoise & Pierre Poulizac, FRANCE
  • Sherri & Mark Selman, GA

Headed to Los Cabos!

los cabos Congratulations to the following Distributors who have advanced an Ambassador level and have earned a trip to Los Cabos for the Leadership Celebration! Will YOU be there with them? Learn more here.


  • Pedro & Teresa Colima
  • Jovita & Alfredo Colima
  • Vianey Alarcon
  • Betty & Dave Blazic
  • Tom & Val Moody
  • Earl & Marcia Jantz
  • Jennifer Weaver
  • Margaret & Leonard Nafziger


  • Caroline & Eric Labourier
  • Myriam & Franck Bouvattier
  • Anne Favrot
  • Francoise & Pierre Poulizac


  • Marvin Louis & Lie Semiwati
  • Ratna Dewi
  • Marlien Widjaja

Congratulations to Reliv’s New and Advancing Ambassadors!

The following individuals have reached new levels within the Reliv Ambassador program. For their accomplishments, they have also earned an unforgettable trip to Los Cabos, Mexico, as part of Reliv’s 2011 Leadership Celebration. Learn how you can join them!
New Gold Ambassadors
Tom and Val Moody, Western Springs, IL
There is nothing like the Reliv business. This is the most natural thing in the world. Every day, we talk to the people we care about and tell them about a product and a company that will change their lives. How often does a real opportunity like this come along? To us, reaching this new level proves that even after two decades of being in the Reliv business, we are still in a ground-floor opportunity. This is exciting because it means we can continue growing and moving forward!
New Bronze Ambassadors
Earl and Marcia Jantz, Oklahoma City, OK
We love giving people an opportunity to change their lives and we love seeing people’s lives improve! If you can get people to see outside of themselves, they will see a chance to take control of their lives instead of letting things like a bad economy dictate them. Good things can happen when you stop thinking negatively and stop being depressed about circumstances outside of your control. Reaching the bronze level means that we need to continue to work hard toward the next level. It also reminds us that so many more people need to hear about the opportunity — it motivates us to work even harder!
New Ambassador Entering as Bronze
Jennifer Weaver, Bloomfield, MI
I always knew there was a better way for me to help my family earn an income. I didn’t know what it was until I found Reliv. I really feel privileged to work with my organization on a daily basis. They are some of the most big-hearted, genuine people I’ve ever met. I’m also constantly surprised by what Reliv corporate brings ? ethics, mission, overall support. They work hard to help make our jobs easier. The bottom line is that Reliv never lets me down. My Reliv business fits the goals I have for my family and what I envisioned my family life to be. It feels wonderful to be my own boss!
New Ambassadors
Margaret and Leonard Nafziger, Bryan, OH
This achievement seemed impossible, yet we have been working slow but steady over the years and not stopping. And since we have reached this goal that seemed impossible, reaching Presidential now seems more possible than ever! In our previous careers of working in a manufacturing company and making custom draperies, we never earned an income like this. The way the company trains, motivates and rewards Distributors is amazing. We have never missed a MAT school since joining! We are excited and joyful to work with this company, these products and people who are so special to us.

Meet Our Ambassador: JonJulienne Peters

Peters20070420From Japan to Reliv and Success

For JonJulienne Peters, the path to success through Reliv has taken the long way around. “Dennis was an itinerant missionary; I met him when he spoke at a Bible School here in Sacramento,” JonJulienne explains. “We began corresponding and married a year later. We moved to Japan, where we pastored churches for 17 years. Continue reading “Meet Our Ambassador: JonJulienne Peters”

MATS Open to All Distributors

opendoor Mark your calendar now and start planning for a unique business-building opportunity. We’re making the weekends of September 10-11 and September 17-18 a nationwide showcase for Relìv!

Friday, September 10 & 17, 7:30 p.m.
Leading Ambassadors and corporate leaders are spreading out across the country to host dozens of special Relìv opportunity meetings. This is your chance to get an up-close and personal view of how Relìv changes lives and see the limitless possibilities of the Relìv opportunity. These events are free and open to all! It’s going to be a night you don’t want to miss. Make plans now to bring a crowd to the event in your area. View event list. Continue reading “MATS Open to All Distributors”

Want a great way to explode your organization in just a couple of days? Here’s how:

  1. Pack the Friday night event with guests and let them see the Relìv vision for themselves. Use the “Send to Friend” tool for each event to invite guests.
  2. Let them know that if they sign up as a Distributor — now only $25 — they can attend exclusive business training the next day.
  3. Join your new Distributors at the special September MATS on Saturday morning.
  4. Get together after the training and get to work. Use the new Fast Start Guide to get them moving.
  5. Watch your organization grow!

New Presidential Directors!

The new Presidential Directors were just announced during the “Road to Presidential Director” session at 2010 Reliv International Conference. Kudos to you!

  • Rebecca Jacob
  • Gary and Laura Lynn Martin
  • Marie Smith
  • Anne Underwood
  • Margaret and James Wasson (FIRST-EVER Presidential Director from the UK!)

Hall of Fame: Phil and Betty Wolf

Phil and Betty Wolf Moving forward by helping others.

You never know where you’re going to find Double Platinum  Ambassadors Phil and Betty Wolf. They spend part of the year  in Virginia, summers at the lake in Michigan, and a lot of time  helping others all over the country, with no plans to slow down.

That philosophy has gotten them far in their 12 years with Reliv.  When the Wolfs first saw Reliv, Phil was looking for a business  with purpose. Betty wanted to see Phil free from the stress of  corporate life.

“At our first Reliv conference, we heard stories that really gave us  hope,” Betty says. “So we took a step of faith and became Master Affiliates.”

Job Loss Becomes Business Success
Just before the conference, Phil was let go from his job at age 59. He was excited about the Reliv opportunity; Betty was afraid they wouldn’t make enough money in network marketing to support their family.

“It was scary not having Phil’s corporate salary,” Betty says. “After the conference we went to work and did what our sponsors told us to do. We were serious and worked at our business everyday. After 14 months, we replaced Phil’s six-figure income through Reliv. If we can do it, anyone can.”

A Win-Win Opportunity
Betty is amazed by all the families whose lives have been changed because she and Phil decided to join Reliv and tell others about the Reliv opportunity. “Reliv success is win-win,” Betty says. “As we have focused on helping other people build their business, we don’t have to worry about reaching the next level ourselves. It will happen as they are successful. Our dream is to help others achieve what we have through Reliv.”