Young on the Inside: Evelyn Ferguson




Name: Evelyn Ferguson

Home: Bedford, Texas

Gigs: Retired government employee,
part-time childcare, Reliv

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now®, LunaRich X®, Innergize!®, FibRestore®, ProVantage®, Arthaffect®, CardioSentials®

Rude Awakening: In April 2013 I was in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. It totaled my car, and the emergency room doctors were amazed that my neck wasn’t broken. At 73 years of age, they couldn’t believe that I had survived.

Young on the Inside: Another doctor looked at a scan of my neck and told me that I have the bone health of a 35-year-old and he wished he was as healthy as me. I thank God that I survived that accident and know that Reliv played a part.

My Proof: I already had remarkable results on Reliv before my accident, but this is a fantastic example of what an important role prevention has to play. By keeping my body strong with Reliv nutrition for 12 years, I had the best shot possible at a fast recovery. Thanks, Reliv!


Reliv Athletic Europe: Esther van der Loos & Corné de Koning

EstherCorne-webReliv Europe has launched an exciting project that supports up-and-coming sports stars in their nutrition and high achievements. Meet Reliv Europe’s first sports team: Reliv Athletic.

Name: Esther van der Loos & Corné de Koning

Sport: Rowing

Corné – Winner and national record holder of 500 metres on an ergometer despite a birth defect.
Esther – Started rowing in 2006 despite partial paraplegics. Individual 2 x Dutch champion indoors and 3 x Dutch champion in the skiff.
Together – 4th at the World Cup in Eton and 5th at the World Championships in South Korea.

Reliv Athletic Europe: Annika Drazek

AnnikaDrazek-webReliv Europe has launched an exciting project that supports up-and-coming sports stars in their nutrition and high achievements. Meet Reliv Europe’s first sports team: Reliv Athletic. 

Name: Annika Drazek

Sport: 100m & 100m Hurdles

Personal Best Time: 100m 11.76
Personal Best Time: 100m Hurdles 13.80
7th in IAAF World Youth Championships

Reliv Athletic Europe: Richard Buck

RichardBuck-webReliv Europe has launched an exciting project that supports up-and-coming sports stars in their nutrition and high achievements. Meet Reliv Europe’s first sports team: Reliv Athletic. 

Name: Richard Buck

Sport: 400m & 4x400m Relay

Member of 2008, 2012 Olympic Games Team (GB)
Personal Best Time: 45.61
7 International Medals including:
1 European Gold, 1 World Silver,
3 European Silver, 1 World Bronze,
1 European Bronze

My Nutritional Edge: Reliv Athletics

MyNutritionEdgeMichaelThomas-webBy Michael Thomas, Captain of Oklahoma City Energy FC

I started taking Reliv during my senior year of high school to help my performance as a soccer player. I had been plagued with severe cramps due to dehydration from sweating during games and rarely finished a full 90 minutes. My dream was to become a professional soccer player, so I knew I had to take steps to be counted on to play the entire game.

Two Shakes a Day
I started taking two shakes a day of Reliv Classic®, Innergize!® and FibRestore®. Before games and at halftime, I’d take a “sports shake” of Innergize! and ProVantage®. The results convinced me that Reliv will always fuel my performance. I no longer cramp, I’m in better shape and I recover faster between games. Reliv has helped me quickly bounce back from injury, increased my muscle mass and improved my endurance.

Setback and Recovery
I moved on to the University of Notre Dame to play soccer after high school. I suffered a broken jaw, but was able to return to the team quickly and maintain my weight during recovery thanks to Slimplicity®, ProVantage and Arthaffect®. I impressed both the doctor and my coach with how fast my jaw healed and with my fitness level despite the time off.

Striker on Fire
I’m 26 and have been dedicated to these products for nine years. I still use the products every day and am well respected by teammates for my endurance and work rate. There is no doubt Reliv has allowed me to excel as one of the fittest players on every team for which I have played. Reliv is my nutritional edge.

Click here to see Michael speaking at the Reliv Next Level Conference.

Get Trendy with Your Workout: 3 New Exercise Fads

SubscribeButton-webWrkoutTrendsBLOGimageAre you a trendsetter? Time to get “fashion forward” — with your workout! Fitness experts recommend you change up your routine often to burn more calories and help build your stamina.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Fight your exercise boredom with interval training! This exercise routine consists of a high intensity set of movements followed by a lighter intensity set or a break. Anyone can do intervals, but the intensity and time can vary depending on your skill level.

  • Want to try it? Check out these interval workouts.
  • Burns 550-900 calories per hour.

Latin Dance

Spice up your workout with some new moves from south of the border! Latin dancing is a flexible workout since the moves can be modified to make it low or high impact. Lovers of this exercise trend even claim that it also helps the mind get a workout since you have to remember the combinations.

  • Want to try it? Check out this Zumba video.
  • Burns 500-800 calories per hour.

High Intensity Strength Training

Want to get stronger than ever? Try out high intensity strength training! This form of training includes a super-set, in which you do a serious of weight lifting without rest. This military-style workout is recommended for those who have experience in weight lifting but anyone can build up to it.

  • Want to try it? Check out some Crossfit moves.
  • Burns 600-850 calories per hour.

Get Active with Reliv

A scoop of ProVantage® will provide your body with key nutrients such as protein, creatine and medium chain triglycerides to improve performance and recovery.

Not only is ProVantage Reliv’s eighth product to earn a U.S. patent, it’s also better than ever with the addition of LunaRichTM soy powder. LunaRich contains five to 10 times as much lunasin as ordinary soy powders. Lunasin can protect against oxidative stress caused by exercise.

Looking for more fitness trends? Check out Team Reliv for tips, motivation and a place to connect with other fitness enthusiasts!




My Story: Steve Weiler

Triathlete Perseveres With Help From Reliv

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