Take a Look Around: Touring the Reliv Manufacturing Facility

Now that it has been a few weeks, I’m learning my way around the Reliv offices. I have successfully found the coffee and extra staples. Last week, I received a very exciting invitation from 20-year Reliv veteran Cal Carpenter, production superintendent of the manufacturing facility. He offered to give me a sneak peak at how Reliv is produced, canned and shipped out to everyone around the world. I jumped at the chance! Continue reading “Take a Look Around: Touring the Reliv Manufacturing Facility”

Reliv: Quality, Integrity Come First

SubscribeButton-webquality and safetyReliv products boast some of the most stringent quality guidelines in the industry. Ingredient suppliers are carefully screened and every ingredient is tested and retested for quality and purity. Continue reading “Reliv: Quality, Integrity Come First”