Nourishing the Community in Your Gut

SubscribeButton-webS&HTguthealth-webYou are never alone. Everywhere you go you carry a diverse community of microbiota with you. Trillions of bacteria live in your mouth, lungs, gut, and on your skin. This is your microbiome. These bacterial cells outnumber your body’s cells about 10 to 1 and their bacterial genes outnumber your genes 100 to 1. Your health is interconnected with and dependent upon these tiny cohabitants. You are a walking ecosystem. Continue reading “Nourishing the Community in Your Gut”

Simple Diet Additions to Subtract Weight

When you’re trying to lose weight, sometimes it’s not what you cut out of your diet but what you add to it. While there’s no magic food, ingredient or pill that will melt off pounds, research is showing some nutrients can add oomph to your weight loss efforts. Continue reading “Simple Diet Additions to Subtract Weight”

Aging Gracefully




aging gracefully

Quick Facts on Anti-Aging Nutrients

● Omega-3 intake can affect your hearing — in a good way. A new study from the University of Sydney shows increased intakes of omega 3 may significantly reduce the risk of age-related hearing loss. Continue reading “Aging Gracefully”

Fiber Facts and Probiotic Pluses

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Right now, more than 1,000 different types of bacteria are making their home on your skin and in your body. While it sounds creepy, most of these bacteria are actually beneficial. But it’s critical to keep the balance in favor of the beneficial bacteria — called probiotics — rather than harmful bacteria. Continue reading “Fiber Facts and Probiotic Pluses”