Haiti Orphan Project

The group “Nous et les autres” (We and the Others) has been caring for indigent and poor children in the Cap Haitien area of Haiti for 34 years. Prior to the earthquake in 2010, the committee was responsible for 20 young people. After the earthquake, an additional 64 children have been added under their care. These are primarily homeless children, some of who have been placed temporarily in foster homes. There are others living in make shift shelters and on the streets of Cap Haitian. The increase to 84 children are a result of orphaned children coming from the earthquake stricken area in Port au Prince.

clip_image012 The need for housing for these children brought this committee to Dr. Manno, to see if we could help them help these children. The goal of the committee was to have not only funds for the construction of a nutrition center and home, but enough product to expand the work they can do in the impoverished area of Petite-Anse. Continue reading “Haiti Orphan Project”