2011 Reliv International Conference: Opening Night!

Each year, the opening night celebration of the Reliv International Conference is a spectacular experience. And once again, opening night at the 2011 International Conference didn’t disappoint!

As the doors opened, it was clear that thousands of Distributors had their healthy energy shots. The crowd came rushing in to grab their seats. But as everyone filed in, the music had them too pumped up to sit down.

When the countdown started, those familiar goosebumps appeared on the arms of everyone backstage, not just because opening night is always an amazing event, but because we knew Reliv was about to reveal something that meant we would never look at Reliv the same way again!

For the first time, Reliv has completely transformed its look! Reliv’s new cans are fresh, modern and filled with personality. As each new design was revealed, the crowd cheered their approval. Learn more about the changes here on the brand new Reliv Healthy Living Blog.

Oh, didn’t we mention the new Healthy Living Blog? Yep. Reliv has a new blog! But more importantly, a brand new Reliv.com! Check out the new site here.

Of course, we couldn’t introduce a whole new look without revamping all of Reliv’s sales tools. So, well, we did.

Now in the company store, you’ll find all new, completely transformed sales aids including Product Brochures, Product Catalog and “2 Shakes” Brochure. We’ve also revamped the Flipchart pages, “4 Pillars” DVDs and Presentation Book with the new cans. Check them all out in the company store on the Distributor portal.

Next in the show, it was time to announce some of the top ten winners in the “This is Your Shot!” promotion. Places 10-6 were:

10. Crismon & Vivienne Lewis, OR
9. Debra & George Grenz, OR
8. Trish & Doug Fischer, CO
7. Mark & Amy Thomas, PA
6. Aurora & Raul Paredes, TX

When the names had been announced and checks presented, the crowd thought the show was wrapping up, we all heard the bellow of an engine coming from backstage. Suddenly, the 24K Camaro drove out from backstage in a cloud of fog. The crowd roared in approval as Dr. Carl got out of the passenger side!

What a way to end the evening! And rest assured, this is only the beginning of the Reliv Revolution.

What inspired you tonight? Are you seeing Reliv in a whole new way? Share your comments here on the blog!