On the Move Again

clip_image001 Life is moving forward again for David and Zella Smith of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. A stroke twelve years ago left David’s right arm paralyzed and affected his speech enough that the couple, both retired mail carriers, rarely socialized like they used to.
“He just wasn’t interested in doing the things he used to love, like going to car shows and working on old cars,” says Zella, who experienced increased energy and mental clarity only three weeks after trying Relìv products.
“I started on Relìv because I wanted to do something for myself,” she says. “I figured the nutrition might also help David, so he started taking it, too.”
Zella’s instincts were correct. As her energy soared, she was also able to maintain healthy cholesterol levels; David had improvements of his own. Every thirty days, the couple went for David’s blood tests — and each time his levels improved and his fatigue lifted.
“Relìv is kicking David’s immune system into high gear,” Zella says. “He’s interacting with people again and even drives around in a dune buggy! We’re both having a much better quality of life.”

A Second Chance at Life

clip_image001 Amy Manning of Tomball, Texas, has lived with chronic pain from disease and accidents for almost two decades. “I was in a serious automobile accident in 1988 and another in 1998, and went through over 30 surgeries,” Amy says. “I had been taking narcotic pain medication for over 15 years. I also had to deal with several other serious health concerns.”
Amy decided enough was enough and set out to find a way to improve her quality of life. “I watched a dear friend of 27 years, Cathy Williams, regain her health with Relìv, so 7 months ago, I started on the products,” Amy says.
“Today my pain level is much lower than in the past, I sleep well, my energy level is way up and the ‘foggy brain’ feeling is gone,” she explains. “I am living the life I never thought I would have. The thing that’s most important to me is that I get to enjoy my husband again and my grandchildren. God has given me a second chance at life!”

A New Lease on Life

clip_image001 After four months of suffering from chronic pain, Joe Maydak of Streamwood, Illinois, wound up in the hospital for 10 days. The diagnosis: internal shingles. “I didn’t have a single lesion on my body, which is why the shingles went undiagnosed for so long,” Joe explains. “The doctors told me that I most likely had developed permanent nerve damage. Just putting on a shirt was painful.”
Joe went home from the hospital with an epidural in his back and prescriptions for pain medications.
“I was taking large amounts of pain relievers every month,” Joe recalls. “I’d essentially become a drug addict. I could barely finish a sentence; I was that ill.”
That was two years ago, before Joe started taking Relìv. “After two weeks on the Relìv products, I was sleeping through the night,” Joe says. “Now, my pain is significantly reduced, and I’ve also experienced relief from hand tremors, memory loss and panic attacks.”
Today, Joe is building a business as a 3-Star Director with Relìv. “I’m certain that I couldn’t have lived much longer the way I was before,” Joe states. “Relìv has given me a new life!”

‘Slimplicity Has Changed My Life!’

clip_image001 Christiana Kergosien of Nashville, Tennessee, has undergone a remarkable turn-around thanks to Relìv’s Slimplicity® Weight Loss System. “Three years ago, I was introduced to Relìv by my sister,” Christiana says. “I saw the difference in her, and in my first month on the products I was getting great results — I sailed right through the fall allergy season!
“After seven months on the products, I saw improvement in all sorts of female concerns,” Christiana adds. So when Slimplicity was introduced in February 2007, she decided to try the system to deal with the weight issues she’d had since college. 
“I lost five pounds in the first three weeks and over eight months, I lost 42 pounds, 12 inches off my waist and went from a size 16 to a size 6!” she exclaims. “It was just amazing.”
Now Christiana feels like a completely different person. “My self-confidence is high,” she reports. “I feel younger, healthier and more vibrant than I ever have. I’m running faster and longer — two to three miles every day — not bad for someone who was an emotional couch potato. And my food cravings have disappeared.”
In December, Christiana left on a six-month mission trip to Africa for her church. “I have no concerns about potential health issues there because I am in such vibrant health, thanks to Slimplicity and Relìv,” she says. “I’m a different person and I love it!”

Feeling Good With Slimplicity

Lloyda Hosman of Peoria, Arizona, couldn’t be happier. Thrilled to be wearing much smaller clothes and doing yoga, she’s dropped 40 pounds overall with Reliv, and has stabilized for the past two months.

“With Slimplicity®, I don’t feel deprived at all,” says Lloyda, who has tried countless diets before without much success. “As a hypoglycemic, losing weight was always hard for me. I always felt like I needed to reach for something throughout the day. But Reliv has built my body into a stronger one, and my emotions and self-esteem are so much better. I’ve never felt this good.”

Getting His Life Back in His Hands

Steve Tucker is a former autoworker from Affton, Missouri. In the years before he retired, Steve underwent a series of surgeries to repair his foot after it was crushed in a workplace accident.StevenTucker22

These surgeries sent Steve into a prolonged period of inactivity that led him to gain 80 pounds. A visit to his doctor for a physical confirmed his fears: “Everything my doctor told me was bad,” he says. “In addition to being overweight, my blood pressure was high, all my cholesterol levels were bad, my triglycerides were off the chart and my blood glucose level was averaging over 260.” Continue reading “Getting His Life Back in His Hands”

Weight Loss, Confidence Gain

Like many Californians, Tracy Balough of Orange County loves Disneyland, swimming and hanging out with friends. Unfortunately, until this past spring, joint problems and extra weight prevented the 29-year-old from being able to walk a lot.

“My overall health wasn’t good,” Tracy says. “I began taking Reliv’s basic nutrition in March, had lost a little weight, and then added Slimplicity® to my diet in April.”

Four months later, the new Relìv Director has lost nearly 45 lbs. and 18% of her body weight. Tracy adds, “My energy level is terrific, I’m more active and much less self-conscious. I love that Slimplicity is so easy to use and tastes great!”

More On Kids’ Health

SubscribeButton-webmore kids healthFor children to be able to enjoy optimal health and development, they need a nutrient-rich diet, enriching activities and careful nurturing. Yet as children reach school age, their diets are increasingly affected by peers and outside influences. At the same time, they may exert their independence by voicing dietary likes and dislikes. Often fruits and vegetables are the first things they cross off their “like” list. Continue reading “More On Kids’ Health”