Reliv Book Club: Lori Doerneman




By Reliv Distributor Lori Doerneman of Goddard, Kansas

Title: Think and Grow Rich

Author: Napoleon Hill

What is the main lesson you learned from this book?  What we think about grows. As a mother of eight children, with two in college, two in high school and four in grade school, I can easily think about college tuition, starter cars and insurance. The more I think about all that stuff, the more my stress grows. Napoleon Hill has taught me to use my subconscious mind and the positive, life-giving forces that exist all around us. I focus on my desires of being rich in all areas of life.

One practical piece of advice from this book: Spend time thinking about your “main chief purpose in life.” As you give your subconscious mind a new “blueprint” business becomes almost effortless.

Did this book give you any new ideas about yourself? I believe, know and understand with every fiber of my being, why I was born and my purpose in life. I understand how Reliv fits within my life and how to help others get what they want with this business. I love my life and am incredibly grateful that we are part of Reliv. As I build this business, I build my life.