A Fairy Tale Wedding Made Possible by Reliv




Reliv Presidential Platinum Ambassador Mindy Jones of Atlanta, Georgia, shared her story of planning a dream wedding for her daughter. Best wishes to the happy couple!

I was a little apprehensive when my daughter Sarah went on a yacht week vacation with 20 of her Atlanta friends to Croatia. Little did I know that she would meet the man of her dreams that week. His name was Morten, lived in Norway and was the captain of one of the yachts and soon after, fell in love. Morten began coming to the USA for two weeks every month because of his schedule as a helicopter pilot and later Sarah moved to Norway for 5 months to get to know his culture and his family. Continue reading “A Fairy Tale Wedding Made Possible by Reliv”

Use great events to build your area — and your business

The proven Reliv Success System provides business builders with a plan for growth, and events make up the bulk of that system:

● Tuesday Presentations (Weekly)

● Saturday Meeting (Weekly)

● Master Affiliate Training Schools (Quarterly)

● Special Events

● National and International Conferences

meeting “Hosting great events plays a huge role in getting a local area going,” say Bronze Ambassadors Hanna and Jeremiah Pence from Enid, OK. “We moved to an area where everything was a cold market for us. There weren’t many Reliv business builders around. So we have been following the System to help build our city.”

The Pences have found that one individual contact with a prospect typically isn’t enough. They may need to use a phone call, an appointment or additional touch points. And often, it takes an event to make that person finally decide to join Reliv.

“Tuesday meetings are a great way for prospects to meet other Reliv business builders. They get the same information reinforced because it comes from multiple sources,” Hanna explains. “By the time they come in for the meeting, they may have had two or three exposures to Reliv. That’s why it’s so important to make every event a positive experience.”

Make It Special
Weekly meetings and trainings are essential to keep momentum going, but periodic Special Events add a new level of excitement and another reason to approach and re-approach prospects. “Our goal is to have some sort of Special Event every six to eight weeks,” says Presidential Platinum Ambassador Mindy Jones of Alpharetta, GA. “On our planning calendar, we lay out the four MATS and two conferences, then plug Special Events in between all of that.”

“We make the Tuesdays and Saturdays great no matter what. But we also add many different types of events, so there’s really something for everyone,” adds Presidential Gold Ambassador George Blevins of Marietta, GA. However, George also emphasizes that events should be a part of your overall business-building strategy. It is important not to focus so much on events that you ignore other aspects of the Reliv System.

Events should enhance your business, not distract you from it. According to Mindy and George, the key to great events is teamwork across organization lines. By working together, Distributors show prospects that the Reliv business is filled with supportive people.

6 Steps to Great Events

by Presidential Gold Ambassador George Blevins

1.) Keep the main thing the main thing. It is about new people. Show them the products work and that they can build a business.

2.) It is not about you, but it is about you. Work as a team while also growing personally.

3.) Be energy givers. New people are the life blood of our business. Bring guests and invite them early and often.

4.) Have fun — It’s showtime! Make it an enjoyable, exciting experience. Show the very best of Reliv.

5.) Keep it simple. Let them see that anybody can do this business. Keep the presentation simple and focus on the stories.

6.) Praise, Praise, Praise. Demonstrate that Reliv works through stories and recognition for accomplishments.

Create Your Own Events

by Presidential Platinum Ambassador Mindy Jones

Here are some other event ideas to share the Reliv products and opportunity:

● Shake Party. It’s easy and fun to turn a presentation into a party. For example, instead of just holding a Tuesday Opportunity Meeting, we might start 30 minutes earlier and have shakes beforehand. With music and balloons, it becomes a festive atmosphere. People might not get excited about a meeting, but they sure do like a party!

● Check out reliv.com and relivables.com for recipes you can incorporate into your event!

 ● Lunch ‘n Learn. The organizing Distributors each bring a dish to provide for lunch. Prospects can enjoy their meal while they take in a Reliv presentation.

● Women’s Forum. In this presentation, we show women what it costs them to work outside of the home and illustrate the benefits of a home-based business. It’s a real eye-opener for women to see what their time is worth.

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