Ties That Bind: Reliv Keeps Military Families Close Despite the Miles

Jodye Cary met her future husband, Justin, at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia. They stayed friends after graduation and started dating only two weeks before he traveled to Korea for a year with the US Air Force. “We knew it would be tough, but also that it would be worth it,” Jodye says.

During Justin’s deployment, Jodye grew closer to his sister, Jocelyn. They took a family vacation to Thailand in March 2012 and everything changed for Jodye. “We were terribly jet-lagged when we arrived,” Jodye says. “Jocelyn gave me a shot of 24K™ and I felt much better in only 10 minutes! I wasn’t jittery at all so I took it for several days to help with the jet lag.” Jodye had seen Jocelyn with 24K before but didn’t really know what it was. One night over dinner, Jocelyn shared her Reliv story with Jodye.

“She told me about the company and the amazing business opportunity,” Jodye recalls. “Jocelyn said it was great for military spouses because you can take your business with you as you move around the country.” The business opportunity appealed to Jodye, who knew that she was about to become a military wife and would spend years on the move.

Embracing the Opportunity
Once back from Thailand, Jocelyn encouraged Jodye to become a Distributor, reminding her that friends and family who were interested in optimal health could benefit and get her business started. “I immediately thought of my sister, Alyssa,” Jodye says. “She had health problems growing up and was always interested in doing anything she could to maintain good health.”

Within a few weeks, all three women were on a conference call discussing the potential of running a Reliv business. Jodye signed up and soon after, so did Alyssa. They make a point of chatting frequently from their stations in Florida, Texas, and Hawaii, sharing business tips and stories of the results they hear about from their customers.

Keeping In Touch
“Reliv has been so huge for our families,” Jodye says. “I’m so thankful for technology. We catch up and talk so much more because of Reliv and it makes us feel closer than ever. We call or text to talk about our businesses every day and it holds us together as a family when we’re living so far apart.”

Jocelyn’s husband, Ian, is in the Army and returned from a long deployment the day after the Austin Conference ended. They’re preparing to move from Texas with their three children, but Jocelyn knows that she can take her business with her. “We’ve always thought that the military is an untapped wealth of people who need to know about Reliv,” Jocelyn says. “You can make connections no matter where you live and take them with you as people move from base to base. It’s perfect for a military spouse.”

Reporting for Duty
Alyssa’s husband, Carl, is also in the Army and they’re preparing for a move from Tampa to California this summer with their four children. “Our husbands all take Reliv and they frequently outperform the other men in their units,” she says. Carl has been on deployment for nearly a year, and Alyssa has found that her Reliv business is a great outlet while he’s away. “It has kept him healthier and stronger while deployed,” Alyssa says, “He even completed the Dead Sea marathon the day after Reliv’s Austin  Conference and helped to pace the other soldiers. It’s a testament to Reliv!”

Jodye reports that Justin recently completed the Great Wall of China Marathon, a brutal feat of endurance that involves stairs. “He told me that everyone else was in bed, totally depleted the day after the marathon,” Jodye says, “but not Justin! He was able to walk around and sightsee because of Reliv! It gives him great stamina and energy for physical challenges and helps with soreness after a workout. I’m so glad to have something to send him and especially thrilled that Reliv ships to APO addresses so we can  keep our service people all over the world in good supply!”