5 Ways to Rein in Holiday Weight Gain

SubscribeButton-webholiday weight gainWhile the holidays aren’t the best time to kick off a weight loss program, you certainly can hold steady — and still enjoy the goodies the season has to offer. Just follow five simple “rein-it-in-dear rules” and you’ll be able to wear the same size pants from the beginning of December to the very end. Continue reading “5 Ways to Rein in Holiday Weight Gain”

My Story: Angela Hosman

Weight Melts With Slimplicity
A Type 1 diabetic, Angela Hosman of Phoenix, AZ, was told by her doctor in December 2008 that if she didn’t get her blood sugars and weight under control she would lose her legs by age 35. “It was a wake-up call for me,” Angela recalls. “My mother-in-law introduced me to Reliv and I started on GlucAffect® and the basic nutrition.” Continue reading “My Story: Angela Hosman”

My Story: Clark Bronson

Slimplicity® Hits a Home Run!

Clark Bronson of Northport, Washington, has changed his health — and his life — with Slimplicity®. “August 2005, I was working in my shop and heard an advertisement for Reliv,” Clark says. “I was worried about my wife’s health and recommended she try this stuff. She said she would if I did, too.” Continue reading “My Story: Clark Bronson”

My Story: Christiana Kergosien

‘Slimplicity Has Changed My Life!’

Christiana Kergosien of Nashville, Tennessee, has undergone a remarkable turn-around thanks to Reliv’s Slimplicity® Weight Loss System. “Three years ago, I was introduced to Reliv by my sister,” Christiana says. “I saw the difference in her, and in my first month on the products I was getting great results — I sailed right through the fall allergy season! Continue reading “My Story: Christiana Kergosien”

My Story: Karen Johnson

Losing Weight the Healthy Way

For 10 years, Karen Johnson of Gilbert, Arizona, tried everything she could to lose weight: liquid diets, pills, meal plans — you name it. The results were always the same: lose about 10-15 pounds and then put it all right back on. “The worst part is that a lot of these diet plans forced me to starve myself,” she says. “I would feel hungry and low on energy all the time.” Continue reading “My Story: Karen Johnson”

The Weight Is Over!

Right now, millions of Americans are struggling to lose weight. Again. You may be one of them. You’ve probably tried all kinds of diets, from low-carb to weighing and measuring to a meager existence on the dreaded cabbage soup. You may have even lost weight on these diets — only to regain it and then some. It’s a frustrating exercise of losing, gaining — and giving up. Sticking to a rigid diet while trying to live a normal life is just too hard.

Reliv is tackling this weighty issue with the introduction of Slimplicity®, a revolutionary weight loss system that combines cutting-edge ingredients with smart lifestyle modifications. It’s a simple, healthy plan to safely lose weight and keep it off for good. Continue reading “The Weight Is Over!”