MAT Schools Are Back in June!



Reliv is hosting Master Affiliate Training Schools (MATS) across the country in June — giving you a proven, powerful way to build a big business in 2015. Events will feature a Friday night Reliv opportunity meeting open to all and a Saturday morning training for Master Affiliates who qualify to attend.

How to Qualify:

While March MATS were open to all Master Affiliates, you’ll have to earn your way into the June events. Here’s how:

  • Become a Master Affiliate for the first time in March, April or May.

Already an MA? Then you can…

  • Add a new frontline MA in March, April or May, or…
  • Achieve a monthly volume of at least 3,000 PGPV in March, April or May, or…
  • Sponsor 3 new Distributors between March 1 – May 31.

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My Story: Tom and Eva Curtin

Excelling With Reliv

As owners of the Martial Arts Center for Health since 1992, Reliv Ambassadors Tom and Eva Curtin of Mt. Dora, Florida, have seen the detrimental toll that financial stress can take on a person’s health. Continue reading “My Story: Tom and Eva Curtin”

My Story: Teresa Paris

Initial Reluctance Gives Way to Big Payoffs

Key Director Teresa Paris from Tucson, AZ had tried a few multi-level marketing companies in the past with no success. “In previous MLMs I always spent more money than I made, so I was skeptical when a family member encouraged me to sign up with Reliv.” Continue reading “My Story: Teresa Paris”

Special Events Are “Total Fun!”

This blog entry was submitted by Quila Buhler, Silver Ambassador from Oregon City, OR.

Getting People There

MAT school was included in every conversation!  We sent emails out to our area every few days.  We just didn’t start building a week before, we started building in June – the day after that MAT school ended! Continue reading “Special Events Are “Total Fun!””

Reliv Makes MATS Even More Memorable

MATS Distributors everywhere are raving about the Special Events and MATS held this past weekend. Ambassador leaders  traveled throughout the country to host opportunity meetings on Friday and special MATS sessions on Saturday. And this time Relìv opened MATS up to all Distributors from all levels! A special training curriculum focused on keeping it simple and taking action. The enhanced format was a big hit! Additional events are scheduled for this weekend. Check one out and see what everyone’s talking about!

New faces and lots of networking!

“The new MATS this weekend had a great group of folks and a lot of new people!” ~Chris Toriello and Mark Gauger

“What I loved was the time for people to network and have fun!” ~Quila Buhler

Slides were a hit!

“MATS were great in Oak Brook, IL with Norm and Denise Williams! The special slides gave validity to the research and development of the products, and the proof was in the stories.” ~Sandy Glab

MATS are fun!

“For a while, I realized I had gotten so caught up in the “how” of Relìv – the phone calls, etc. – that I had lost sight of the “what” of Relìv. After this MATS, I realized that Relìv is 2 things: listening to people and showing them how Relìv might be for them. These MATS were a great way to get back to the simple fun of Relìv!” ~Leila Durchholz

Read how Ambassadors are using MATS as a way to motivate, excite others and build their businesses!

MATS Open to All Distributors

opendoor Mark your calendar now and start planning for a unique business-building opportunity. We’re making the weekends of September 10-11 and September 17-18 a nationwide showcase for Relìv!

Friday, September 10 & 17, 7:30 p.m.
Leading Ambassadors and corporate leaders are spreading out across the country to host dozens of special Relìv opportunity meetings. This is your chance to get an up-close and personal view of how Relìv changes lives and see the limitless possibilities of the Relìv opportunity. These events are free and open to all! It’s going to be a night you don’t want to miss. Make plans now to bring a crowd to the event in your area. View event list. Continue reading “MATS Open to All Distributors”