Guest Post: The Trip of Your Dreams

~by Ambassador Sherri Selman

The Disney Cruise Promotion is back! I’ve been on cruises before, but Disney is at the top of the list for me. Disney does everything with excellence and elegance. It’s truly a trip for all ages, whether you have children or not. We enjoyed luxurious accommodations, phenomenal food and beautiful beaches — not to mention it brought out the inner child in all of us! Continue reading “Guest Post: The Trip of Your Dreams”

A Message From Steve Hastings

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Just wanted to let you know what 24K™ has meant for my mom. She is getting great results with more focus/mental clarity/energy and her anxiety has been lessened! She has been doing projects over the last five days — she has not felt this motivated in years — all of this on two shots of 24K a day! Thank you! Continue reading “A Message From Steve Hastings”

Reliv is Giving Away iPad 2s!

iPad During the month of March, any MA with 16,000 PGPV (earning a Dr. Ted Plaque) will win a Reliv iPad 2! The iPad provides a revolutionary way to surf the web and enjoy your favorite music, books, movies and games. The all-new iPad 2 has a 10-hour battery life and is thinner, faster and lighter than the original iPad. Continue reading “Reliv is Giving Away iPad 2s!”