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Power of Promotion

Reliv's Don Gibbons

With our current Ignition Promotion, you will see people move forward in our business faster than ever. What used to take months, or even years, to achieve will be realized in a fraction of the time. You’re going to see opportunities to realize your goals like you’ve never seen before. You must make sure you are taking full advantage of this unique time in Reliv.

Just think of this like a car engine. When an engine shifts from one gear to the next, it’s not working any harder. The new gear makes the car move faster on the same effort. You are moving farther and faster as a result of the higher gear. The higher gear kicks in and accelerates your vehicle.

Reliv is your vehicle to move forward on the Road to Presidential Director. Ignition shifts your Reliv vehicle into a higher gear! Tell people about the promotion. Use the NEW Epigenetics Brochure, the NEW Videos, and the Lifestyle Magazines to get attention. Pop your Reliv business into a new gear – AND GET READY TO ACCELERATE!

Reliv Wins 2012 Bronze Quill Awards

Reliv earned three Bronze Quill Awards for the Reliv Revolution Campaign, Lifestyle Magazine Redesign and Ricky’s Story in this year’s International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) St. Louis Bronze Quill Awards. Continue reading “Reliv Wins 2012 Bronze Quill Awards”

Spring 2012 Lifestyle Magazine

 The Spring 2012 issue of Lifestyle is now available for your reading pleasure!

The perfect tool for sharing the science of LunaRich™ alongside everything else Reliv has to offer. This special issue features an interview with Dr. Alfredo Galvez, highlights the benefits of entrepreneurship and explores what sets Reliv’s products and business opportunity apart. Best of all, you get dozens of powerful stories of people enjoying better health and a better way of life through Reliv. Continue reading “Spring 2012 Lifestyle Magazine”