May 2011 Recognition

Congratulations to our top Reliv Business Builders in May!


David & Rhonda Martin, PA

Reyna Diaz & Jaime Jacinto, CA
Monique & Jeffrey Roberts, AL

1. Ura & Betty Gingerich, WI
2. Reyna Diaz & Jaime Jacinto, CA
3. Jonathan & Marjorie Gehman, PA
4. Marscia & Jeff Fleagle, OH
5. Betty & Dave Blazic, KS
6. Karen & Ron Turner, UT
7. Mair Hill, IL
8. Robert & Jean Benna, PA
9. Florence & Elo Sauder, CAN
10. Kathy Tennihan, SC

Places 1 – 9 are Dr. Ted plaque winners


Master Affiliates who sponsored a Master Affiliate and 3 new Distributors:
Clayton Aho, NH
Wilbur & Viola Chupp, IL
Zora & Bob Esposito, IL
Sue Keskitalos, MN
Iraiz Patino, TN

Master Affiliates who sponsored a Master Affiliate:
Reta Babisz, MI
Corrie Baker, OH
Cynthia Cool, WY
Maria De La Luz Cortez, WI
Timothy Daniels, OH
Dan & Naomi Detweiller, OH
Ryan Esposito, IL
Brenda Fettig, CO
Douglas Gilbert, GA
Maria Guzman, WI
Lula Johnson, GA
Raymond & Janice Johnson, TN
Gabriel Lempert, OR
Suzette McFarland, IL
Barbara & Jerry Miller, PA
Alex Moss, OH
Sharon Neff, VA
James Polnitz, AL
Walter & Doris Polnitz, AL
Mary Quehl, MN
Doreen Robinson, FL
Gwenn Starr-Wiles, GA
Candace Story, GA
Hilary & Milo Thurber, MI
Susan Tyler, SC

Elizabeth Wahl, IN
Karen Waldeck, MI
Kim White, MI

Master Affiliates who sponsored 3 new Distributors:
Nelson Alvarez, UT
Raymond & Rachel Beachy, WI
Irena Biel, IL
Griselda Bojorquez, OK
Marcelo & Madai Casiano, KY
Lesbi Castillo & Lessvi Massella, TN
Blanca Corona, CA
Ivan & Sherri Culver, WA
Phyllis Drummer, MO
Michelle Halbsgut, PA
Jennifer Jackson, MO
Holeman Jennings & Georgia Curry, AL
Karen Liebl, SD
Steven & Donna Miller, IL
Audelia Nevarez, TX
Gerardo & Rosemary Nieves, NJ
Martha Sonia Palomo, TN
Delci & Bill Plouffe, MT
Camille Recznik, OH
Elda Sanchez, IL
Mary & Joseph Singler, OR
Cindy Wiltse, MO


Top 5 PGPV Winners:
1. Florence & Elo Sauder, Wallenstein, ON
2. Olga Schroh, Lloydminster, AB
3. Mervin & Janelle Bauman, Drayton, ON
4. Laura & Mark Jantzi, Milverton, ON
5. Traian & Carolyn Florica, Harrow, ON

Top 10 PGPV for the US and Canada:
9th Place: Florence & Elo Sauder, Wallenstein, ON

Master Plan Bonus winners:
Marlene Kuepfer, Milverton, ON
John & Eileen Kuepfer, Milverton, ON

Share YOUR “Kudos” with Reliv.

Do you have Kudos to give? Are you deserving of some Kudos? Outside of our normal monthly recognition, it is important to celebrate the accomplishments throughout your Reliv journey, whatever that means to each individual business builder.  Send your “Kudos” tidbit to and we will post it on the blog.

To get you started, here is a kudos entry submitted to Steve Hastings via email:

“I did it.  Reached Sr. Director again.  The extra 48 hours were what helped me reach the goal. Friday afternoon I was less than one MA away from $2500, but my sister had just got into town so we could celebrate Christmas.  I was so busy that I did not read my emails.  Friday evening Julie Hostetler called and told me about the 48 hour extension.  Wow, was I happy!  When my sister left on Sunday afternoon, I started working to find the last MA.  After 10 pm last night, I faxed in the order.” ~Kecia Holder

Kudos and congrats, Kecia!

Congratulations to Reliv’s Leaders!

The following Reliv leaders earned a trip to Lake Tahoe and they are enjoying a vacation at the Hyatt Regency Resort, Spa and Casino this week!  Congratulations to those who earned the trip:

  • Doris and Henry Leissing
  • Gina Rivera and Gina Gonzalez Rivera
  • David and Betty Blazic
  • Tom and Linda Tighe
  • Amy and Don Blaser
  • Gary and Laura Lynn Martin
  • Diane and Kevin Helmold
  • Fannie and Vernon Kinsinger
  • Fern and Dan Utz
  • Pedro and Teresa Colima
  • Earl and Marcia Jantz
  • Patricia and Maria del Carmen Perez Ascencio
  • Mary and Mike Peters
  • Florence Elo Sauder
  • Albert and Barbara Shrock

Kudos! July Recognition

Here’s the complete list of everyone who was recognized in the month of July 2010 for various achievements and bonuses.



  • Fannie & Vernon Kinsinger, MO


  • Albert & Barbara Shrock, OH


  • Lauren Betts, MI
  • Perry & Emma Borntreger, OH
  • Dawn Johnson, PA
  • Spoemenka Stanic Miller & Craig Miller, CA
  • Tamara Smolnik, TX


  1. Lori & Russ Doerneman, KS  ***
  2. Ura & Betty Gingerich, WI  ***
  3. Fannie & Vernon Kinsinger, MO
  4. Crismon & Vivienne Lewis, OR
  5. Perry & Emma Borntreger, OH
  6. Rosemary Bell, MO
  7. Emmy Mitchell, NY
  8. Albert & Barbara Shrock, OH
  9. Aurora & Raul Paredes, TX
  10. Jim & Sandy Schaben, NE
  11. Gloria Nowack, MO
  12. Janet Lizotte, MA
  13. Dave & Betty Blazic, KS
  14. Enid & Will Glassgold, FL
  15. Sidney Czynski, IL
  16. Lisa & John Cooper, TX
  17. John & Jacque Hayes, AZ
  18. Scott & Laurie Prindle, ID
  19. Steve & Joyce Holthaus, IL
  20. Julie Moeller, CA

*** Denotes Humanitarian Award winners

All above are Dr. Ted Plaque winners



  • Maria Alfaro, CA
  • Edward & Margi Horn, PA
  • Sheryl Reiff, PA


  • Aaron Amato, MI
  • Marta Camacho, CA
  • Ann Cerney, MN
  • Norman Cote, NY
  • Wendy Dehrab, CA
  • Carolyn Gelineau, MA
  • Elizabeth Kaiser, MN
  • Martha Lickers, NY
  • Salvatore & Anna Lione, AL
  • Richard & Charlotte Lusa, MO
  • Guadalupe Marino, NE
  • Burnell Martin, WI
  • David Martin, PA
  • Sindy Matthews, MT
  • Jennifer McCaul, MI
  • Miranda & Rick McCaul, MT
  • Ruth Mccoy, ME
  • Irene McLarty & Deborah Taft, CO
  • Catherine & George McNabb, MI
  • Lance Moon, UT
  • Michelle Nobile, NC
  • Suzanne Parker, MT
  • Linda & Barry Polhemus, IL
  • Karen Post, WY
  • Mary Reynolds, MI
  • Maria Quintana, CA
  • Peter Riehl, PA
  • Sheila & Donald Seppi, CO
  • Becky & Marc Tejral, NE
  • Daniel & Martha Yoder, WI


  • Francis Aud, KY
  • Sandra Destefano, CA
  • Amparo Hernandez, TX
  • Gloria Martinez, TX
  • Erica Millar, PR
  • Lisa Payne, KY
  • Jocabed Pena, NE
  • Henry & Maritza Quinones, IA
  • Deborah & Marty Rhodes, KY
  • Norman & Arlene Shepherd, OH
  • Nell & Bob Stacy, OH
  • Ole & Julie Stimac, MT
  • Emily Thomas, NY


Top 5 PGPV:

  1. Keith & Rosanna Heatwole, Emo, ON
  2. Ruth Freeman, Elmira, ON
  3. Gary Nurse, Ajax, ON
  4. Mark Weber, Elmira, ON
  5. Helena & Jacob Friesen, Elmira, ON

Master Plan Bonus Winners:

  • Maria Wall, Fordwich, ON

Congrats, June Top Ten!

Congratulations to our Top Ten Distributors in June, 2010!

1. Key Directors Norman & Lorene Helmuth from Livingston, WI

2. Presidential Directors Rhonda & Gregory Uebelhor from Ferdinand, IN

3. Master Directors Tracee & Bobby Randall from Alpharetta, GA

4. Key Directors Peter & Amy Hemingway from Rapidan, VA

5. Jose Hernandez from Houston, TX

6. Presidential Directors Norma & Peter Carlozzi from San Mateo, CA

7. Key Director Teresa Paris from Tucson, AZ

8. Trish Fischer from Colorado Springs, CO

9. Master Directors Kim & Robert Patteri from Los Angeles, CA

10. Directors Magali Salgado & Jose Arcos from Schuyler, NE