Reliv’s Super Opportunity


From Reliv President Ryan Montgomery

It can be hard to be healthy. Every day we are bombarded with unhealthy food options — from the burger joint drive-thru to the processed junk in the grocery store aisles. We know what we’re supposed eat, but that’s easier said than done. And we’re certainly not getting much help from the major food companies.

That’s where Reliv nutrition comes in, and why owning a Reliv business represents such a tremendous opportunity right now. As a Reliv Distributor, you can offer people what they want. Everyone is looking for an easier way to stay healthy — a solution that fits their lifestyle and delivers real results. It’s an unlimited market just waiting for you to tap into.  Continue reading “Reliv’s Super Opportunity”

Get Ready for the Next Level in Beautiful Kansas City

KCheader-webWith spring in the air and summer quickly approaching, it’s time to plan your trip to Kansas City for the 2014 Reliv International Conference! A gem of the Midwest, Kansas City offers a rich history of music, culture and of delicious barbeque. Whether you are bringing the entire family to conference or are riding solo, Kansas City has something for you. Check out these awesome ways to spend your time in KC when you’re not having the time of your life at Conference. Kansas City, here you come! Continue reading “Get Ready for the Next Level in Beautiful Kansas City”

10 Reasons NOT to Go to International Conference


Reliv’s International Conference is just a few months away, and you’ve probably considered going. Stop right there and consider what will happen if you do attend:

  1. You’ll burn through camera batteries as you snap photos of all your new friends.
  2. You’ll ruin your handkerchief with tears after you hear inspiring, life-changing stories.
  3. You’ll lose your voice from cheering all the big announcements.
  4. You’ll feel sorry for all your friends who didn’t make the trip.
  5. You’ll have your mind blown by Reliv scientists and the possibilities of the epigenetic revolution.
  6. Your hand will cramp from all the note taking, texting and hand shaking you do.
  7. Your face will hurt from smiling and laughing all weekend long.
  8. You’ll have no choice but to spring into action with what you learn from Reliv’s top business builders.
  9. You’ll have to keep up with all the new business you generate in the days that follow.
  10. You’ll have to make yet another trip to the bank to deposit your ever-growing Reliv check.

If you’re really interested in taking control of your life, then fine, go to Conference. If getting the most out of every day doesn’t sound exhausting to you, then be my guest — punch your ticket to Kansas City. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you when you end up on stage telling your success story at every Reliv conference for years to come.

Don’t be an April Fool! Sign up for International Conference today! Early bird pricing has been extended through the end of the month — register now and save $40!