June Reliv 25 Contest

JuneContestConfWe’re gearing up for the Reliv 25 Conference in Orlando and wanted to know — what is your favorite conference moment? Here are our favorite entries! Thanks to everyone who participated!

We loved it when the Amish couple won the 24K car promotion … we saw the true heart of Reliv when the couple was presented a check for 24K! –Annette Wells

It’s when Scott debuts the latest videos from the Kalogris Foundation. I am always so very touched by how the things we do as Distributors makes such a difference around the world. –Dee Ann Lucks

I love it when someone totally unexpectedly or brand new earns a bonus and they had no idea it was coming. They just worked hard to grow their business and POOF! They get rewarded! So encouraging and fun! – Gwen Goodsell

I love watching the smiling faces in the Reliv Kalogris Foundation videos, knowing that Reliv is making a difference in their lives. – Donna Markham

At my first conference they asked for everyone with Reliv results to stand up. Almost the entire room stood and I was floored! Amazing moment! – Robert Laird