You Did It!


by Reliv Senior Vice President of U.S. Sales Don Gibbons

Boy, do I love it when I get to say those words to someone. “You did it.” You set your goals. You worked your plan. You broke through and decided you could believe in yourself. You did it. You really did it. Just two short months ago at International Conference in St. Louis, I had the opportunity to say that over and over again! Continue reading “You Did It!”

My Story: Sheryl Whipple

Vacation Trip Launches a Business

Sheryl Whipple of Woodlands, Texas, knows BUSY. Yet the mother of eight children who home schooled for 20 years and worked part-time as a nurse, found time for Reliv and now reaps the benefits as a Senior Director. After Sheryl and her husband, Peter, attended the Reliv International Conference in July 2005, there was no stopping them. Continue reading “My Story: Sheryl Whipple”

My Story: Amparo Marles

“I was looking for a part-time business opportunity, and just wasn’t getting the support I needed in other companies. Once I attended a Reliv meeting, I joined right away!” says Amparo Marles, whose husband, Jorge, is also in the business. Continue reading “My Story: Amparo Marles”

Special Message from Ryan Montgomery

Ryan M By now you’ve probably heard the theme to this year’s International Conference: Reliv Revolution! Pretty cool, huh? What I like most is that it captures the spirit and excitement of what’s happening in Reliv right now. Last year we launched a strategic initiative to refresh, revitalize and reinvigorate Reliv. We wanted Reliv to more readily appeal to people of all backgrounds and from all generations. And now you’re seeing how the combined efforts of the corporate office and Distributor leaders are getting the job done:

• 24K™: our first ready-to-drink product and a true breakthrough in a red-hot market
• Brand image: new standards, an updated logo, revamped materials (Have you seen the new Lifestyle ?)
• Team Reliv: a very public way to equate Reliv with active, healthy living
• New incentives: the immensely popular iPad 2 promotion and more to come
• New media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Business Builders Blog
• New attitude: at corporate, in the field — Reliv is ready to roll!

If you think about it, the “Reliv Revolution” is nothing new. Since the beginning, our products and our business opportunity have helped thousands of people break free from unhealthy lifestyles and unrewarding work to live life to the fullest. And the goals of that revolution will never change. In fact, the new revolution happening within Reliv is only making it easier to achieve those goals. Don’t miss your chance to lead the charge!

Ryan Montgomery
Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales

~As seen in MA April