My Story: Linda Pixton

Feeling Younger and Better Than Ever

After staying home to raise her eight children, Linda Pixton, of O’Fallon, Illinois, was pretty excited to be working again.

“At first, it was fun,” Linda says of her job in a maternity clothing store. “I loved helping people look terrific. I knew that when people looked their best, they could focus on more important things.” Continue reading “My Story: Linda Pixton”

Excitement That Sells!

clip_image001 For María García of Livingston, California, there was a time when her health issues were so many and so time-consuming that she had little time or energy for anything else. “There were too many to list,” she says. Insomnia, panic attacks and a host of other ailments contributed to her being in a constant state of depression.
María says that within days of starting Reliv, she experienced an incredible improvement. “A restful sleep was one of the first things that I rediscovered,” she says. “and since then, things have only gotten better.”

Now María’s enthusiasm and sparkle are back. “When I was feeling so low and ill, I didn’t have an interest in anything,” Maria says. “I didn’t even care how I looked, but with Reliv I’ve improved my health and my lifestyle. I know I need these products to feel healthy and happy, and I want to spread the word.”

Telling others about the benefits of Reliv hasn’t been difficult. “It’s enough for them to take a look at me. They’ll comment on the visible changes in my body (I’ve lost some weight), my personality and my outlook,” she says. “They tell me that just from my sheer excitement about Reliv, they want to try them so they can feel the benefits that I know of and can talk about firsthand!”

Back on an Even Keel

Ellen Alo, from Simpsonville, South Carolina, discovered she had high blood sugar during routine tests in 2000. “I had serious fibromyalgia issues. And I was getting results with a number of Reliv products,” she says. “But my blood sugar was still high and my doctor put me on insulin.”

When GlucAffect® was launched last November, Ellen was eager to see how it might help her. “I feel so much better now,” Ellen says. “My blood sugar now tests on the low end of the scale, I have much more energy and both my triglycerides and cholesterol levels have come down… and I’ve dropped five pounds!”

Ellen appreciates the versatility of GlucAffect®— she mixes it into her regular shake, or takes it in a cup of hot tea. But what she likes best about the new product is the way it helps manage her blood sugar. “When my blood sugar was too high or low, it affected my energy levels,” she says. “Since I’ve started using GlucAffect®, I am on much more of an even keel.

“I’ve talked with many people who complain about tiredness and big swings in energy,” she continues. “And I tell them I have something that could do for them what it has done for me, and that’s GlucAffect®!”

New Hope for Conquering Lifelong Weight Battle

vickilesli3 Long before GlucAffect® came about, Master Director Vicki Leslie of Fort Worth, Texas, had already achieved amazing results with Reliv.

“My husband is always saying that I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for Reliv,” Vicki notes. “Before Reliv, I was spending my days in bed, overwhelmed by the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and migraine headaches.” Continue reading “New Hope for Conquering Lifelong Weight Battle”

A New Dimension of Success

manley2 Manley Lane, a 10-Star Key Director from Bath, Maine, has seen significant improvements with his health since starting on Relìv products two years ago.

“When I was introduced to Reliv, I was suffering from two auto-immune diseases, causing needle-like shocks that radiated throughout my legs,” Manley recalls. “I wound up losing my ability to drive and pretty much was confined to a wheelchair.” Continue reading “A New Dimension of Success”

A Year Full of Huge Moments

Rogers It has been one “miraculous” year since Heather Rogers, of Newburyport, Massachusetts, started taking Relìv products.

Heather was spending her days on the couch, either sleeping or crying from the pain of a mysterious neurological disorder that doctors couldn’t diagnose. She couldn’t walk, speak clearly or swallow, and she had no use of her hands. Continue reading “A Year Full of Huge Moments”