Headache Relief and Outstanding Energy: Melissa Robbins


Melissa Robbins of Concord, NH has experienced amazing health benefits and gained residual income through Reliv to supplement her active lifestyle as a real estate agent. Here’s how!

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now®, LunaRich X®, Innergize!®

Great Value: I had increasingly frequent, debilitating headaches that were coming on a couple times a week and would force me to sleep them off. I’ve felt great since I started taking these products. Reliv is worth every penny!

Change for Good: I now wake up before my alarm awake and energized and ready to start my day. I love it! After three months on the products, I am now back to running six miles three times a week.

Creating Success: I network daily and share my story with everyone out of pure excitement of my results and how it could help them. I am very excited to grow my career with Reliv!

My Story: Donna Erlbacher

Donna Erlbacher, a librarian at Denison Middle School, in Denison, Iowa, has always been interested in nutrition. And in true librarian form, she did a lot of research trying to find one product that would give her everything she needed.

“I was taking all kinds of things to get the combination just right, but I’m not a chemist,” Donna says. “I wanted something simpler.” Continue reading “My Story: Donna Erlbacher”

My Story: Jeff and Becky Bauman

Great Life With Reliv

Jeff and Becky Bauman of Drayton, Ontario, Canada, thank Reliv for helping them enjoy their professional and family lives to the fullest.

Before Reliv, Jeff, a fifteen-year professional in the demanding construction business, was looking for a way to increase his productivity.

“I suffered from after-lunch slumps where my energy level was really low,” he recalls. “Also, my aching muscles and the stress of a whole week’s work gave me headaches on some weekends.” Continue reading “My Story: Jeff and Becky Bauman”

My Story: Kim McGough

Family Flourishes With Reliv

Kim McGough of Algonquin, Illinois, suffered from acid reflux that was so severe she was happy at first just to be able to take the Reliv products.

“I was born without a flap between my stomach and esophagus, making it impossible to keep down a single vitamin pill,” Kim explains. “After a couple weeks of taking Reliv, I was able to eat and drink things I never could before. And I had so much energy, people actually noticed!”
Kim eventually increased her product intake and noticed even more results. “I stopped having panic attacks and crying jags,” Kim says. “And when my seasonal allergies didn’t show up that first year, that’s when I put my sons on Reliv. Continue reading “My Story: Kim McGough”

My Story: Amy Manning

A Second Chance at Life

Amy Manning of Tomball, Texas, has lived with chronic pain from disease and accidents for almost two decades. “I was in a serious automobile accident in 1988 and another in 1998, and went through over 30 surgeries,” Amy says. “I had been taking narcotic pain medication for over 15 years. I also had to deal with several other serious health concerns.” Continue reading “My Story: Amy Manning”

My Story: Linda Pixton

Feeling Younger and Better Than Ever

After staying home to raise her eight children, Linda Pixton, of O’Fallon, Illinois, was pretty excited to be working again.

“At first, it was fun,” Linda says of her job in a maternity clothing store. “I loved helping people look terrific. I knew that when people looked their best, they could focus on more important things.” Continue reading “My Story: Linda Pixton”