My Story: Julie Novak





Julie Novak of Calhoun, GA is a pageant director who integrates her career with her passion for Reliv by supporting both her own health and the health of others within her industry.

Reliv Regimen: LunaRich X®

Battling for Health: Before Reliv I was dealing with a variety of health issues. I began taking LunaRich X in November and couldn’t believe what happened: I started seeing life-changing results!

Saving Grace: My poor health was costing me thousands in medical bills. Because of Reliv, I’m back in control of my health and couldn’t have imagined feeling this great! LunaRich is a breakthrough that could completely change the health industry, and I am living proof of that.

Beauty from the Inside: I have been a pageant director for the past 30 years. This industry gives me the opportunity to target a specific market that can be positively affected by the power of LunaRich. I have seen such improvement in my skin, hair and nails, and I am excited to share those results with my colleagues and contestants.




Because of Reliv: I am the Oregon Mother of the Year


Vivienne Smith Lewis,
Gresham, Oregon

I wouldn’t have been chosen as Oregon Mother of the Year if not for Reliv. It gave me my life back and my kids their mother back. It has made all the difference for us. Through hardships come blessings, and my health has been greatly improved because of Reliv. I’m able to get out of bed and be a part of their lives: take them to basketball games and piano lessons. I’m eternally grateful for these products. My husband was laid off after 19 years at his company. The way the economy was he couldn’t get an interview, let alone a job. We took hold of our Reliv business and it has truly saved us.

My Story: Ria Mastenbrook

For eight years, Ria Mastenbrook of Sparta, New Jersey, was nearly completely disabled due to sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease that affected Ria’s joints, lungs and heart. She was in extreme pain, slept every afternoon for three hours, and could barely take care of her two young children. Continue reading “My Story: Ria Mastenbrook”

My Story: Libby Kroezen

Libby Kroezen, of Ontario, Canada, was spending a lot of her time and money at the health food stores before she heard about Reliv. A bad car accident twenty-five years ago left her with back problems that made working impossible. Surgery was looking likely and the arthritis that had also set in made daily living even more challenging.

“I’m really a kid at heart,” Libby says. “But I couldn’t pick up my grandkids and throw them up in the air like I wanted to. I couldn’t do any of the things I like to do, like riding carnival rides, playing baseball, volleyball and basketball.” Continue reading “My Story: Libby Kroezen”