4 Hydration Myths Busted for Summer

With summer at the height of its heat and humidity, we love to cool off with afternoons at the pool or days at the beach. But in all the water fun outside, we can’t forget our water intake. Even if we know we can’t live without it, we may be a fuzzy on the facts: How can we hydrate? How much do we need each day? Here are four myths you may have heard about hydration, and the truth behind them — just in time for temperatures that push the triple digits. Continue reading “4 Hydration Myths Busted for Summer”

Planning for Success: Gearing Up for the Run

SubscribeButton-webRunningPostAlthough any time of year is a great time to get healthy, January is a time that many people decide to set new fitness goals. If you’re planning to start a personal fitness challenge in the New Year that involves running, then you might want to consider these items before you tackle your dream. Continue reading “Planning for Success: Gearing Up for the Run”

9 Easy Energy Boosters

Have the lazy, hazy days of summer zapped your energy? Maybe it has less to do with the season, and more to do with your lifestyle. Don’t spend one minute more slumped on the couch. Try these easy energy boosters instead: Continue reading “9 Easy Energy Boosters”

Recharge with the Right Drink

SubscribeButton-webrechargeSummer heat combined with baseball, soccer, tennis or other outdoor activities can lead to thirsty — and potentially dehydrated — kids. Sure, water is always a good choice. But sometimes kids are looking for a little more flavor punch. So what are your options? Continue reading “Recharge with the Right Drink”

Rev Up Your Metabolism

Your metabolism is the engine that runs your body. Fuel it right and it runs at optimum levels to keep off weight by burning more calories. But when you clog your engine with poor food and lifestyle choices, your body tends to become sluggish and pounds can pile up. So learn how to power up your metabolism to keep off the weight — and maybe even lose some pounds while you’re at it! Continue reading “Rev Up Your Metabolism”

My Story: Abby Albers

Running on Reliv – To Become a State Champion!

Abby Albers is a high school athlete who has been breaking track records with the help of Reliv nutrition. “With Innergize!®, I stay hydrated throughout strenuous workouts,” Abby says. “And the nutrition from Reliv shakes has meant less muscle soreness, even when I do tough plyometric workouts.” Continue reading “My Story: Abby Albers”