‘Miracle Man’ Beats the Odds

Juergens(1)_1218037117 With a tragic family history of heart disease, Buddy Juergens of Foxboro, Massachusetts, and his wife Wendy feared the worst when he was rushed to the hospital with congestive heart failure last November.

“Buddy’s sister died at 47 of heart disease, his dad died at 62 and his mom passed away last June, five weeks after triple bypass surgery,” Wendy says. “We were so afraid he’d had a heart attack.”

As it turns out, he had a damaged heart valve and required open-heart surgery. The couple believes that the Reliv products they have taken faithfully for nearly six years helped him recover from the surgery in record time.

“His recovery after surgery was remarkable,” Wendy explains. “The nurses dubbed him ‘miracle man.’”

Four days after surgery, Buddy went home. One week after surgery, his incision was healed and he was driving and back to work with no restrictions. Buddy and Wendy own a septic pumping business, requiring strenuous physical labor.

Wendy adds, “His story is incredible and we are telling everyone we know about Reliv.”

From the Bottom of Her Heart

LoreRickRaatz2 Lore Raatz, a high school teacher in Gillett, Wisconsin, uses GlucAffect® to help manage her hypoglycemia. She began taking Reliv products in 2007 to aid in her recovery from an unsuccessful heart surgery. She says the products helped her regain her energy and to avoid a second heart surgery.

“When GlucAffect® came out, I starting taking it because a very high percentage of hypoglycemics develop type 2 diabetes later in life,” she says. Lore mixes one scoop a day of GlucAffect® with her regular shakes, and admits to loving the taste.

“Within the first three weeks of using GlucAffect®, my blood pressure had gone down and the swelling in my ankles had gotten much better,” she says. “I just had my complete blood work done and my blood pressure and fasting blood sugar levels were wonderful. I can’t remember the last time that happened.”

Lore’s husband, Rick, uses GlucAffect® for prevention because diabetes runs in his family. They are sharing it with friends and family who have a higher risk of diabetes in their lives.

Lore’s heart condition is regenerative. “I will never stop taking Reliv’s products,” she says. “Everybody can benefit from them, but I need them from the bottom of my newly healed heart!”

Getting His Life Back in His Hands

Steve Tucker is a former autoworker from Affton, Missouri. In the years before he retired, Steve underwent a series of surgeries to repair his foot after it was crushed in a workplace accident.StevenTucker22

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Promoting Heart Health

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Tackling the #1 Killer Heart Disease

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