5 Ways to Make Today Better

SubscribeButton-webcoffee1. Start the day with a cup of coffee or tea. Either choice is chock-full of nutrients plus antioxidants such as polyphenols, flavonoids and catechins that fight free radical damage. Continue reading “5 Ways to Make Today Better”

Heed the Warning Bells of Metabolic Syndrome

SubscribeButton-webwarning signsIt’s no secret the number of people with type 2 diabetes is sharply rising. Yet people are often shocked when they’re diagnosed with the complicated disease. By paying attention to some warning bells, especially symptoms of metabolic syndrome, people can take action to prevent or at least delay the onset of diabetes. Continue reading “Heed the Warning Bells of Metabolic Syndrome”

Back to Work, Back to Life With Relìv


clip_image001 John and Clarissa Walker successfully ran a roofing and insulation company out of Saint Ignatius, Montana, for 25 fruitful years. An unfortunate accident at work almost signaled the end of John’s active lifestyle until Relìv gave him his life back.
“John broke some bones in his neck and was told he could not work for almost a year,” Clarissa says. “It was hard to see him suffer from constant pain and numbness in addition to the back pain and chemically-induced asthma that he had before the accident. His condition even worsened as he developed spinal degeneration and arthritis. Worst of all, John’s deteriorating health meant he was unable to do the work he valued.”
Thankfully, John and Clarissa found Relìv and their story took a turn for the better. “John took Relìv faithfully and was able to return to work much earlier than even our doctor predicted,” Clarissa notes. “He seemed to have found an untapped source of energy, returning to work and running his business for four more years. We are very happy that, in spite of everything, John was still able to work and there were no adverse repercussions from his broken neck.”
After a successful run at their roofing business, John and Clarissa are now full-time Master Affiliates looking forward to many more years with Relìv.

Re-Energized with Relìv

clip_image001 Thirty-six-year-old Lee Warden of Las Vegas, had a hard time accepting his diabetes diagnosis five years ago.
“It was really depressing, and I felt so vulnerable,” Lee says. “Diabetes is devastating to the body. I’ve always felt like I’ve had this haze in front of me.”
Lee struggled to control his blood sugar levels using insulin shots and pills, with unsatisfying results. The insulin gave him mood swings and if his blood sugar got too low, he felt shaky. Neuropathy in his feet made sandals his only footwear option.
When a friend from work told him about Relìv’s GlucAffect™, he was skeptical, but ready to give the product a try. After just three months, Lee has noticed encouraging changes. In addition to feeling more mental clarity, he has more energy and less tingling in his feet.
“I really believe that your energy comes from within. If your body is getting what it needs, naturally you will start to feel better,” Lee says. “The other day I was skipping with my young son. I’ve never been able to do that!”