My Story: Faithe Michaels

Conference Inspires New Distributor’s Success

Key Director Faithe Michaels became a Distributor in February 2010 after seeing how her family benefited from better nutrition. “We started on the products for wellness and prevention. We all started feeling really good and had more energy, and I noticed we weren’t getting sick as often as we had the previous year,” she says. Continue reading “My Story: Faithe Michaels”

My Story: Vince and Terri Cedrone

Stumbling Blocks Become Stepping Stones
Vince and Terri Cedrone, Key Directors from Montgomery, Alabama, are building a future with Reliv because they just won’t accept anything short of success. “About 15 months ago, a friend introduced us to Reliv,” Vince says. “We became Master Affiliates because we saw the results neighbors were getting with the products.” Continue reading “My Story: Vince and Terri Cedrone”

My Story: Kelly Frueh

Dreaming of a Debt-Free Life
Kelly Frueh, 25, of Belgrade, Montana, had been getting good results with the Reliv products for two years when she and her fiancé, also named Kelly, learned about the business opportunity from relatives.
After attending an opportunity meeting and hearing more about the Reliv business plan, the two didn’t hesitate to get started. “We’d not been introduced to the business side of Reliv,” Kelly says. “We decided we could do a lot with this business. Our downline is already three levels deep.” Continue reading “My Story: Kelly Frueh”

My Story: Jenifer Latawiec

Family of 13 Realizes Dreams With Reliv

“God doesn’t do anything by accident,” says Reliv Distributor Jenifer Latawiec of Wyoming, Minnesota.

Jenifer and her husband, Douglas, had never taken supplements before, but after seeing the results of a friend’s daughter, they decided give to Reliv products a try for prevention. They were pleased enough to start listening to the some of the conference calls, even though they had little time to spare. Continue reading “My Story: Jenifer Latawiec”

My Story: Lou Ann and Michael Pecorelli

Building a Dream Together
Key Directors Lou Ann and Michael Pecorelli of Orem, Utah, know that running your own business is incredibly demanding. “We operate an auto repair and accessories business,” says Lou Ann. “For 16 years, it’s occupied us 24/7 — we’ve had one vacation in all that time.”
Four years ago, a neighbor introduced the Pecorellis to Reliv. “I’ve always been interested in nutrition,” notes Lou Ann. “Then both Michael and I, and my aging mother, began to get amazing health results. I told family and friends what was happening with us, not even thinking business until I started attending Reliv meetings.” Continue reading “My Story: Lou Ann and Michael Pecorelli”

My Story: Bev and Tom Webster

Living and Earning Thanks To Reliv
Master Affiliates Bev and Tom Webster of Topsham, Maine, were reacquainted at their 50th high school class reunion, fell in love and got married. Two years later, the stock market plummeted and most of their retirement assets followed.
Bev, a cosmetologist, and Tom, an accountant, decided to seek part-time work to supplement their income but were unsure of what they might be able to do together. One of Bev’s sons introduced the couple to Reliv and their lives took an unanticipated turn. Continue reading “My Story: Bev and Tom Webster”

My Story: John and Clarissa Walker

Back to Work, Back to Life With Reliv

John and Clarissa Walker successfully ran a roofing and insulation company out of Saint Ignatius, Montana, for 25 fruitful years. An unfortunate accident at work almost signaled the end of John’s active lifestyle until Reliv gave him his life back.

“John broke some bones in his neck and was told he could not work for almost a year,” Clarissa says. “It was hard to see him suffer from constant pain and numbness in addition to the back pain and chemically-induced asthma that he had before the accident. His condition even worsened as he developed spinal degeneration and arthritis. Worst of all, John’s deteriorating health meant he was unable to do the work he valued.” Continue reading “My Story: John and Clarissa Walker”

Loving Life Again


clip_image001 Libby Kroezen, of Ontario, Canada, was spending a lot of her time and money at the health food stores before she heard about Relìv. A bad car accident twenty-five years ago left her with back problems that made working impossible. Surgery was looking likely and the arthritis that had also set in made daily living even more challenging.
“I’m really a kid at heart,” Libby says. “But I couldn’t pick up my grandkids and throw them up in the air like I wanted to. I couldn’t do any of the things I like to do, like riding carnival rides, playing baseball, volleyball and basketball.”
Libby heard about Relìv on the local radio and called immediately to find out more. Five months after starting the products, she reports she was feeling great.
“I will never be without Relìv,” she says. “It is my nourishment. I’m over 65 and I feel better than I did at 45. I’m so thankful to God and Relìv. Now, when I hear someone talking about poor health, I say, ‘Let me tell you what happened to me!’”