My Story: Jess and Larse Askeroth

A Solid Foundation

Key Directors Jess and Larse Askeroth of Parowan, Utah, take health matters seriously. Jess is a semi-retired chiropractor and Larse has spent several years working in his office. So when a friend introduced them to Reliv in February 2006, they were skeptical. Continue reading “My Story: Jess and Larse Askeroth”

My Story: Aaron Delaronde

From Tragedy to Triumph

In the closely-knit Native American community that resides on the Mohawk reservation in Kahnawake, Canada, news travels quickly. So when word spread of the remarkable physical recovery of Aaron Delaronde, who’d suffered a near-fatal boating accident less than a year earlier, it created a wave of excitement about Reliv that has been building ever since. Continue reading “My Story: Aaron Delaronde”

My Story: Vohn and Tami Martineau

Building Success Around Five Busy Boys

Vohn and Tami Martineau of Gilbert, Arizona, have five boys ages 11 and under, so growing a business takes some planning. “I was introduced to the products by a friend, and found help with my depression,” Tami says. “Our second son, Gray, has autism. I put him on Reliv and over the next five weeks, we saw dramatic results — and he has continued to thrive. Continue reading “My Story: Vohn and Tami Martineau”

My Story: Larry and Jolynn Morris

7 Kids, 5 Jobs, Zero Time

Before Reliv, Larry and Jolynn Morris of Spring, Texas, held down five jobs between them to make ends meet for their family of nine. Larry had two side businesses in addition to his full-time job as a food broker: lawncare and vending machines. Jolynn taught piano and offered childcare. Continue reading “My Story: Larry and Jolynn Morris”

My Story: Pam Albin

Businesslike’ Approach Makes the Difference
Key Director Pam Albin’s enthusiasm and belief in Reliv hasn’t diminished since she started the business in 2005, but her approach has become more organized and business-like, and therefore, more successful.
“I have a passion for helping people,” says Pam, who lives in Boulder City, Nevada. “My husband, Bill, had such great results with the products that I feel I have a moral obligation to share it with others. I think I’m called to help people understand that they are not alone. That’s what Reliv is about, so for me, it’s a perfect fit.” Continue reading “My Story: Pam Albin”

My Story: Bobby and Tracee Randall

Reliv — A ‘New’ Family Business

Like many, Bobby and Tracee Randall of Alpharetta, Georgia, came to Reliv for health reasons. “A stranger overheard us talking about our son’s struggle with eczema and invited us to take a look at some products,” Tracee says. “Robby got amazing results and we knew we were on to something special.” Continue reading “My Story: Bobby and Tracee Randall”

My Story: Carol Schilleman

Overcoming Fear to Become a Business Builder

With the reassurance of a money-back guarantee, Carol Schilleman of Melbourne, Florida, decided to try Reliv. “Having had two knee surgeries to repair a torn meniscus, I was not able to go for walks. I missed this because I had once been a runner. Once I got healthy with Reliv, I was able to go three miles in a cancer charity walk!” says Carol. “I told everyone, and they were interested in trying Reliv too. So I went back to my friend who shared it with me, and she invited me into the business.” Continue reading “My Story: Carol Schilleman”