My Story: Donna Erlbacher

Donna Erlbacher, a librarian at Denison Middle School, in Denison, Iowa, has always been interested in nutrition. And in true librarian form, she did a lot of research trying to find one product that would give her everything she needed.

“I was taking all kinds of things to get the combination just right, but I’m not a chemist,” Donna says. “I wanted something simpler.” Continue reading “My Story: Donna Erlbacher”

My Story: Jen and Jason Arntz

Reliv Freedom Brings a Couple Closer Together

Jason Arntz, 24, was inspired to become a Reliv Distributor in college after witnessing improvements in his mother’s health.

As a college student, however, Jason was initially more interested in having fun than starting a business. “I didn’t really care about nutrition at that point. I think my body’s chemical makeup was basically soda and pizza,” he jokes. For three years, Jason didn’t do much to build his business. Continue reading “My Story: Jen and Jason Arntz”

My Story: Connie Krantz

‘New Freedom, Shared Hope’

Connie Krantz, of Mitchell, South Dakota, had serious health issues for years. “In 2006, when I was introduced to Reliv, I was nothing short of desperate,” Connie says.  “At the age of 17, I suffered a bowel obstruction. Since then, I’ve dealt with chronic constipation.
“When I was 30 — I’m 43 now — I developed fatigue that affected every bone and joint in my body. I felt like I’d been hit by a truck!” she continues. “I had a mold allergy that forced me temporarily out of my home and I had serious PMS issues as well.” Continue reading “My Story: Connie Krantz”