4 Nutrients That May Help Prevent Headaches

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When you look around the world today, we face big headaches: environmental disasters, financial crises and political unrest. But if your own head hurts, that’s all you can focus on.

Headaches affect nearly everyone at some point. Types of headaches include tension headaches, migraines, cluster headaches and sinus headaches. Continue reading “4 Nutrients That May Help Prevent Headaches”

A Better Mother and Wife

Castillo20070515 For six years, Cinthya Servín Castillo of Fremont, Nebraska, suffered chronic migraines. Her friend came to visit, “and she saw how bad I was feeling, suffering from my daily migraine,” Cinthya recalls. “She told me that she had started taking Relìv for her own headaches and that they were so much better. I wanted Reliv immediately.”

A month after starting the essential nutrition, Cinthya says her pain had significantly improved. She was also getting relief from other symptoms, including constipation and backaches.
But that was just the beginning of her Reliv renaissance. Cinthya also suffered from panic attacks and nervousness, making it difficult to be the kind of wife and mother she wanted to be.

“Now my family tells me that I look happier,” she says. “Before, my kids couldn’t be loud around me, and now they can be kids again.”Cinthya’s sense of wellbeing was so great that she wanted everyone in her family to try Reliv. “My husband, José Escobar, also suffered from chronic back pain and by day three of taking Reliv, he was noticing a difference.”
Cinthya likes her new life. “My goals are pretty big,” she says, “but now that I’m feeling so good again, I know I can achieve them with Reliv.”

Out of the Dark

Dickie20060810 Lorena Dickie of Las Vegas, Nevada, spent three years of her life struggling with migraines and depression. Nothing and nobody mattered because depression darkened everything. “I didn’t want to come out of my room, I didn’t want to wake up. Life was slipping away.”

When her doctor talked about a treatment that required detoxification, she did it at home. “It was a seven-week process. It was my worst moment,” she says.

It was then that she found out about Reliv, and with it, the possibility to live life another way. “By the third day, my headaches were vastly improved,” Lorena says. “It was so incredible that one night, I felt compelled to get up at three o’clock in the morning with (my husband) Gordon to make a list.”

Lorena wrote down the names of family and friends with whom she wanted to share Reliv. “I felt it was my duty to share Reliv with the people I love.”

By the third week, Lorena felt wonderful and returned to the healthy habits she loves. “We try to eat organically and we exercise,” she explains.

Now Lorena combines her work as a Realtor with her mission to share Reliv. “I can’t explain my desire to live — I’ve learned to appreciate every little detail,” she says. “My life is like any other, but it’s one I love now. I take care of my kids. I have dinner ready for my husband. I try to provide him with peace — a little heaven — when he comes through my door.”

Reliv Found Her

Espinosa20070322 Key Director Laura Espinosa, a retired pediatric nurse practitioner from Los Angeles, can name her pain in medical terms. “I was suffering from fibromyalgia (generalized muscle pain), and TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint) headaches. I was taking 600 to 800 milligrams of over-the-counter painkillers two to three times a day,” she says. “I was very emotional and unable to focus or make decisions.”

As Laura puts it, Reliv “found her” about a year and a half ago, in the midst of a severe depression. “Four weeks after I started Reliv, I felt as if a black cloud lifted from my head,” Laura explains.

And things got even better. “After six weeks, my general muscle pain started decreasing,” Laura says. Her fibromyalgia and TMJ headaches are significantly improved as well.
Now Laura can focus on better things, like her four daughters and her ailing mom. Celina, her sixteen-year-old-daughter, likes the change, and summed up Laura’s improvement when she told her mother, “You’re not upset all the time and you are not sick anymore.”
A content Laura says, “My girls can see me as a healthy, calm mother, and for that I’ll be taking Reliv forever.”