Practical, Proven Ways to Lose Weight

In today’s marketplace, hundreds of weight loss gimmicks and deprivation diets clamor for your attention promising lightning-fast weight loss. Unfortunately, most of these are unhealthy — even dangerous — options that may cause you to lose a few pounds quickly, but result in even faster boomerang weight gain once you go back to normal living. Continue reading “Practical, Proven Ways to Lose Weight”

My Story: Chris and Karin Ederer

Team Reliv is healthy for my business

Senior Directors Chris and Karin Ederer of Ham Lake, MN, have been using Team Reliv to get themselves and their business healthy!

“Team Reliv gives us resources we can share with prospects, like the Facebook page. I appreciate the fitness tips and research,” Chris says. Continue reading “My Story: Chris and Karin Ederer”