Beating the Blues with Reliv: Megan Sternhagen




Name: Megan Sternhagen

Home: Westfield, Indiana

Gigs: Full-time nanny, birth doula, student, photographer, Reliv

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now, LunaRich X, Innergize!, SoySentials®

Family Tradition: My parents introduced me to Reliv, and I believed in the products from the change I saw in my mother. I knew that these products would be big!

Moody Blues: I used to have debilitating mood swings, and Reliv helped me get them in check. Reliv has also improved the health of my 11 siblings in various ways. Seeing how it has benefitted the health of my family is amazing!

Priceless: My own results and success are wonderful, but the joy I get when someone tells me that I made a difference in their life is priceless. Reliv gives me the ability to make positive change in the lives of others as I achieve financial freedom, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

My Story: Lynn Drewes

Drewes-webLynn Drewes of Myrtle Beach, SC enjoys the freedom of being a Reliv distributor while being rewarded with good health and financial stability.

Reliv Regimen: 24K, LunaRich X, Reliv
Now, Innergize!, FibRestore, ReversAge

Bioavailability: I was looking to improve my health and heard about Reliv from a friend. I did the research and learned that Reliv products are absorbed by the body better than vitamin pills. I had tried everything else so I wanted to give Reliv a try.

It Works: Five weeks later, I noticed a huge difference. This was the first attempt at better health that worked in years. I experienced far fewer headaches and sleepless nights. My whole family’s health has improved — allergies, energy and more.

Fair Deal: My own health results led me to the business. I absolutely love the freedom of doing this job anywhere I go. My last job was a lot of work for little money, but not Reliv. Now I see my efforts rewarded.

Entrepreneurs in the new Economy

The week I quit my job to start my own business, the market crashed. The Dow Jones was down by 700+ points. I was in panic mode, thinking that there would be no opportunities for the self-employed. Turns out, I was wrong.
 Ally Lapore, founder of — a directory of self-employed parents — mentions in her blog about the recession that “smaller businesses, for the first time in decades, have a fighting chance. And in case you haven’t noticed, small business is exploding. They have something big businesses don’t have: a personal touch.” Continue reading “Entrepreneurs in the new Economy”