Fight the Tryptophan Slump on Turkey Day

SubscribeButton-webFibRestore, digestive health, healthy energy shot, 24KNext week, your family will likely be gathered around a table covered with delicious traditional fare and rich desserts. Since Thanksgiving comes but once a year, you’ll want to take advantage of Aunt Ethel’s delicious pumpkin praline bars. Go ahead and enjoy your meal, sampling a bit of each festive dish and being mindful of portion control. Continue reading “Fight the Tryptophan Slump on Turkey Day”

My Story: Diane Romero

 Name: Diane Romero
 Hometown: Roseville, CA
 Gigs: Hospice caretaker, Reliv part-time
 Reliv Regimen: Reliv Classic®, Arthaffect®, FibRestore®, Innergize!®
 Unwilling to Surrender: “Prior to Reliv, I had two gel injections in my left knee that would only work for a couple of months. My doctor told me to swallow my pride and get a cane.” Continue reading “My Story: Diane Romero”

Taming the Tummy




April is IBS Awareness Month. It’s estimated that 9-23% of the world’s population has IBS, yet many are undiagnosed. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a disorder within the intestines that causes abdominal pain and discomfort. The pain may occur on its own, or it can be accompanied by constipation, diarrhea and bloating.
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Reliv: The Best Value in Nutrition

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“Most people have nothing they can compare to Reliv. It is never about the cost — it’s always about the value. We create value by helping people get results from the products. People will always spend their money on what they value: their health.” ~Presidential Double Platinum Ambassadors and Hall of Famers Jim and Sandy Schaben

“Other companies just make nutrition complicated. I see people going into GNC and coming out with armfuls of products, and they end up spending the same as they could spend on better quality with Reliv. The scientific formulas Dr. Carl has put together take all the guessing out of optimal nutrition. The technology is in the can. All you have to do is make a shake!” ~Ambassadors Terry and Sally Cover