My Story: Jeff and Becky Bauman

Great Life With Reliv

Jeff and Becky Bauman of Drayton, Ontario, Canada, thank Reliv for helping them enjoy their professional and family lives to the fullest.

Before Reliv, Jeff, a fifteen-year professional in the demanding construction business, was looking for a way to increase his productivity.

“I suffered from after-lunch slumps where my energy level was really low,” he recalls. “Also, my aching muscles and the stress of a whole week’s work gave me headaches on some weekends.” Continue reading “My Story: Jeff and Becky Bauman”

Keeping up with Life

Birchmeier20061004 Jerryl Birchmeier, of Rochester Hills, Michigan, thought she was tired because she was the mother of three little boys — Zachary, Seth and Kyle. But the real problem was irregular blood sugar levels.

“I had a hard time keeping up with life in general,” Jerryl recalls. “I didn’t even feel like taking the kids to the park most of the time. It just felt like too much. I felt so guilty because that wasn’t the kind of mom I wanted to be.”

A specialized diet and medication did little to control her blood sugar levels, and she still felt exhausted. Jerryl, a registered nurse, ran into a colleague at a nursing conference, and he told her about Reliv. She agreed to start her family on the products.

Within the first month, she had a better sense of well-being. A month and a half later, her blood sugars started to regulate.

“I just felt like doing more. I wanted to go places again,” she says.
Jerryl was also surprised to discover she could tolerate dairy products again after being lactose intolerant for years. One son has had great results with food allergies, and her husband Mike’s joint discomfort is less bothersome.

“With Reliv, we’re starting to see more solutions instead of just problems,” she says. “I’ve got my smile back.”

No More Naps!

SmithPriscilla_1218037212 Daily naps were the only way Priscilla Smith of Alpharetta, Georgia, could deal with constantly feeling tired. “I just felt so zapped all the time, especially in the afternoons,” says Priscilla, who also found herself retreating to her bed once a month with symptoms of severe PMS, which included migraines, constipation, nausea, backaches and cramps.

“I’d be laid up for a couple of days,” she says. “It was a loss of precious time.”

Priscilla was skeptical when a good friend introduced her to Reliv. She’d already tried so many other vitamins and supplements with no results. But this time, things were different. After just one week taking Reliv shakes, she started to notice a difference.

“I felt energized and in a better mood,” she says. “And I no longer had that bloated, constipated feeling. I was so impressed with these products that I signed up as a Distributor. I want to help spread the word about the benefits of Reliv to the people around me. Reliv has a product that definitely helps improve the quality of people’s lives. I am so glad I found Reliv. It has made me feel like a brand new person.”

New Hope for Conquering Lifelong Weight Battle

vickilesli3 Long before GlucAffect® came about, Master Director Vicki Leslie of Fort Worth, Texas, had already achieved amazing results with Reliv.

“My husband is always saying that I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for Reliv,” Vicki notes. “Before Reliv, I was spending my days in bed, overwhelmed by the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and migraine headaches.” Continue reading “New Hope for Conquering Lifelong Weight Battle”