June Reliv Blog Contest

FatherMovieStar-webJune is the month to celebrate dad! Some dads would be best suited for space or western dramas, and others would be great in a rock and roll movie! Maybe your dad would be great in a documentary or playing a founding father in a historical drama. Which movie star would you pick to play your father?

Here are our favorite responses:

“Ronald Reagan would have played my father if he had lived past 36 years. He was a POW for 999 days in Korea and if he had lived, I know he would have been the role model that President Reagan was to his children.” – Dawn ┬áVan Amberg

“George Clooney” – Steve Hastings

“Ian McKellan who plays Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings movies.” – Bill Stump

“The actor I would cast to play my father is Jim Carey. My dad loved to joke around with everyone and make people laugh!” – Paula Coffey

“I would pick John Candy! He always reminds me of my dad because he is the most gentle natured, jolly/funny, make you roll on the floor laughing feel-good actor EVER to be on the big screen!” – LA Wendland

“Morgan Freeman would play my dad!” – Alex Chao

“I thought about this and I think Jimmy Stuart would play my dad. He was a thinker and would often stop during a conversation and ponder what he would say next. I can imagine Jimmy doing the very same thing!” – Debbi Grenz

“I would pick Bing Crosby. He and my dad seem to have the same sense of humor and outlook on life. They love their families and have numerous friends with whom they get together and have a nice time enjoying each other’s company. My dad loved over-the-fence conversations with neighbors, church gatherings and wherever. My dad gave of himself to help others in times of need. My dad also loved to sing, write music and dance with my mom. Every year I watch White Christmas and it reminds me of him.” – Laura LaRosa