Fall Into Fall: Get Active with Your Family!



The leaves are starting to turn and the air is crisp. Pumpkin spice everything is hitting the shelves and making its way into our homes. Fall is officially here! What better time to get outside and active with your family than in the breezy, bright red and orange, 60-degree weather? Here are some ideas t get you started: Continue reading “Fall Into Fall: Get Active with Your Family!”

Because of Reliv: I Have a New Purpose

Light-webPeter Light became a Distributor two years ago after learning about Reliv from his father. He was also working a full-time job. “I did Reliv whenever it was convenient,” he says.

When he decided to attend the Reliv 25 Conference, his employer wouldn’t let him have the time off work. So he quit to pursue Reliv full time. “I was excited about making Reliv my focus,” Peter says. “I see the potential and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.”  Continue reading “Because of Reliv: I Have a New Purpose”

Get Fit as a Family

SubscribeButton-webFamilyFitnessimageIf you’ve noticed that the kids have become TV watching zombies, your spouse is permanently connected to a smartphone and even the dog has gotten too lazy to chase rabbits, it’s time to get fit as a family! Continue reading “Get Fit as a Family”

My Story: Hanna and Jeremiah Pence

Pence Name:Jeremiah & Hanna Pence

Hometown:Enid, OK

Current gig:Reliv, Farming, Volunteer firefighter (Jeremiah)

Pets: cows, chickens, horses, cats, dogs

Love through Reliv: “Jeremiah was in my upline and we became friends through Reliv,” Hanna says. “Finding my wife was the best thing about Reliv. This business attracts quality people!” Jeremiah adds.

Completing the family:“Family is most important. We always wanted to adopt. Because of Reliv we’ve been able to adopt and have time to invest in their lives,” Jeremiah says. “When we first met the girls they didn’t have parents, a home or pets. Today, they love their home and family, and they’ll make sure you meet their dogs or hear about the latest calf to be born,” Hanna adds.

A Reliv Lifestyle: “Thanks to Reliv, our life is focused on people, purpose and things that money can’t buy,” Jeremiah says.