Put Your Weight Loss on a Faster Track

You’re eating less and are watching the types of food you put in your body. That’s a great start. But to give your weight loss efforts a kick in the pants, make sure exercise is part of your plan. Its metabolism-boosting, muscle-building and reshaping benefits will lead to faster, more lasting weight loss.

Make a Plan

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring, painful or overly time-consuming. The hardest part is just getting started. Continue reading “Put Your Weight Loss on a Faster Track”

Getting Weight Loss Off the Ground

With summer knocking at the door and fewer layers to hide under, you might be more motivated than ever to lose weight. But how do you get started?

If you jump in with such gusto that you’re vigorously exercising three times a day, skipping breakfast and nibbling lettuce and a carrot for dinner, you’re destined to fizzle by the end of a week. Instead, take a slow, sensible approach for steady, more lasting weight loss. The goal is to make lifestyle changes that stick. Continue reading “Getting Weight Loss Off the Ground”