Opportunity of a Lifetime




Cassandra Anderson, Mt. Zion, Illinois

In September, I met with the owner of the martial arts school my son, Curt, had attended. I lost Curt in an accident last spring at age 22, and was exploring the possibility of setting up a scholarship fund in his memory. The school teaches so much more than self-defense — students receive life skills and learn how to set and achieve personal goals. The school made a huge difference for Curt, who benefited from positive male role models and built his self-esteem.

After the accident, [President of Reliv Asia-Pacific] Scott Montgomery called and asked if there was anything Reliv could do for me. I answered that Reliv had already done everything. You see, starting a Reliv business allowed me to stay home with Curt and spend every moment possible with my son as he grew up. There could be no greater gift.

At the martial arts school, we agreed that $1,500 would be a good place to start for the scholarship fund. That night Reliv announced August’s Top Ten Bonus earners on the Monday Night Call. I had finished 8th in the nation and earned a bonus of, you guessed it, $1,500! Building my Reliv business will allow me to continue to fund the scholarship so that others can benefit the way Curt did. Some things happen for a reason.

Hispanic Market Offers Unlimited Growth Potential

SubscribeButton-webHolaReliv-webSustained growth of any business requires fresh opportunities in new markets with high growth potential. Hispanics and Latinos make up about 17% of the total United States population and are the nation’s fastest growing minority population. This massive market of 53 million people is particularly well-suited to network marketing because of their cultural values and the potential for growth. Continue reading “Hispanic Market Offers Unlimited Growth Potential”

Reliv on the Road




RelivOnTheRoad-webTeamwork Produces Results
by Presidential Silver Ambassador Quila Buhler

Dr. Alfredo Galvez came to Portland in September to present the science of LunaRich®. The renowned researcher and discoverer of lunasin in our part of the country! Five months of diligent preparation produced an event to remember with 200+ people in attendance. Continue reading “Reliv on the Road”

4 Business Tips from a Reliv Presidential Director




bettyblazic-webReliv Presidential Director Betty Blazic shares her advice to new and seasoned Reliv Distributors.

Don’t be shy about asking other people for help and give others help in return. Expand your circles by meeting new people everywhere you go (especially Reliv corporate events like MATS). Be open to receiving wisdom from others who have built a successful business. Hire teams of helpful people. Hire your kids. Don’t be afraid to ask for computer help, tax help and household help when you need it. Be available to help anyone who might need your expertise, or even just your time. When you help someone with their health or income, it does your heart good. Continue reading “4 Business Tips from a Reliv Presidential Director”

January 2015 Recognition


Congratulations!Join us in congratulating the following Reliv Distributors who earned cash bonuses in the month of January!

Abdi Hashi & Qadro Mohamud from Indiana

Roland & Joy Kadegis from Illinois
Rukia Mohamud from California
Brittany Neville from Ohio

1. Trish & Doug Fischer from Colorado $5000*
2. Florence & Elo Sauder from Canada $4000*
3. Stephanie & Paul Collins from New Hampshire $3000*
4. David & Betty Blazic from Kansas $2500
5. Lori & Russ Doerneman from Kansas $2250
6. Crismon & Vivienne Lewis from Oregon $2000
7. Aurora & Raul Paredes from Texas $1750
8. Adriana & José Moreno from Tennessee $1500
9. Chuck & Maggie Rexford from South Carolina $1250
10. Tonya Burke from California $1000

* denotes Dr. Ted Plaque winners

1. Adriana & José Moreno from Tennessee $1000
2. Emilia Martínez from Tennessee $800
3. Lesby Josephine Castillo from Tennessee $700
4. Zaynab Abdi from Washington $600
5. Leah Lencowski from Minnesota $500
6. Farhiyo Mohamud from Canada $450
7. Godfrey & Julie Osayamwen from Texas $400
8. Fidelis Ochonogor from Texas $350
9. Omar Osman from Maine $300
10. Zeynab Abdi & Ali Wasuge from Canada $250

Zaynab Abdi from Washington
Eileen Campbell from California
Lesby Josephine Castillo from Tennessee
Cathy Harrington from Minnesota
Asad Hassan & Fatuma Timayare from Canada
Zsterlin Hassan from California
Feliciano Mendoza from Texas
Fidelis Ochonogor from Texas
Fredi Rivera from Tennessee

My Ticket Home: Lana Lempert




Name: Lana Lempert

Home: Cypress, CA

Gigs: Former clothing merchandiser, Reliv

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Classic, Reliv Now, FibRestore, Arthaffect®, Innergize!, ReversAge®, LunaRich X

Hard Work: I had a successful career working for Nordstrom, but a bulging slipped disc forced me to leave. I then opened an upscale resale shop, but was in a lot of pain and working 80 hours per week.

Finding Opportunity: I had tried many supplements and was skeptical, but decided to attend a Reliv presentation anyway. The money-back guarantee made me feel safe enough to give it a try. I was desperate to control my own schedule and finances.

Just What I Needed: I had a six-figure income, but had no life. I decided to dedicate 10 hours each week to Reliv, and after three years made it to Senior Director! Now I live the life I want. My business reaches into nine countries and I can pass it down to my son and grandchildren. It even afforded me to go home to see my family in the Ukraine — the trip of a lifetime!

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Business Today with Cayla Collins



By Cayla Collins

Starting any business is a roller coaster. We all have different seasons in our business. Which season are you in? Do you need to refocus? The business is simple but sometimes we need to give ourselves a reality check. Ask yourself, what have I done today to strengthen my Reliv business today? Here are my three suggestions. Continue reading “3 Ways to Strengthen Your Business Today with Cayla Collins”