Dr. Carl Hastings of Reliv Named Top 10 Chief Scientific Officer

ExecRank lists Hastings ninth among more than 5,000 CSOs in the United States

CHESTERFIELD, MO, April 3, 2013 – Reliv International (NASDAQ: RELV) today announced that ExecRank executive ranking service has named Reliv’s Dr. Carl Hastings number nine on their Top Chief Scientific Officers Ranking list for 2012. Hastings joins a top ten of the nation’s leading CSOs, many of them from Fortune 100 companies. According to ExecRank, there are over 5,000 Chief Scientific Officers and C-Level Scientific Executives in the United States and this list represents “the best of the best in their field.” Continue reading “Dr. Carl Hastings of Reliv Named Top 10 Chief Scientific Officer”

The LunaRich Opportunity: Right Place, Right Time

I launched Soy Labs in 2005 as a way to bring lunasin technology to the world. Research had already established many of lunasin’s benefits; the challenge was to create a product that both optimized lunasin content and delivered it in the most bioavailable form. Continue reading “The LunaRich Opportunity: Right Place, Right Time”

Set Your Heart on Health

SubscribeButton-webS&HT_HeartHealth_blogFebruary is American Heart Month and the perfect time to take an active approach to better heart health. Even if you have a family history, heart disease and attacks are preventable. Lower your risk by incorporating these suggestions into your healthy lifestyle. Continue reading “Set Your Heart on Health”

3 Steps to Building Immunity

SubscribeButton-weblunasin, LunaRich, soy powder, immunity, Reliv, Reliv International, Reliv blog, reliv.com, Carl Hastings, epigenome, epigenetics The immune system defends your body against bacteria, viruses and other harmful invaders. At full strength, it is an efficient protector against infection and illness. But like all aspects of your health, it takes healthy lifestyle choices to keep your immune system in top shape. Three vital areas in protecting and bolstering immunity are nutrition, exercise and stress reduction. Continue reading “3 Steps to Building Immunity”

Dr. Carl Hastings Elected to Council for Responsible Nutrition International Board

The launch of LunaRich™ and Reliv’s recent Communitas and marketing awards have generated lots of buzz around Reliv HQ recently. And the excitement continues with the announcement that Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl Hastings has been elected to the Council for Responsible Nutrition – International board.

CRN-I provides science-based information to regulators, healthcare professionals and the media –  particularly those outside the United States. The organization works for the safety and benefit of dietary ingredients and dietary supplements, and promotes sound nutrition and food safety policies rooted in science. The organization has held two scientific symposiums that have brought together international regulators with the scientific community to address issues relevant to international policy. Continue reading “Dr. Carl Hastings Elected to Council for Responsible Nutrition International Board”