How One Reliv Conference Can Change Everything


By Reliv Senior VP Of US Sales Don Gibbons

Why do I get so excited about a Reliv Conference? Because I never forget where I came from. My first career was working in government. I worked as an Executive Correspondent for the governor of Illinois. As soon as the administration changed, I was back looking for work. I saw an ad with job applications as an electrician. With only 20 openings, somehow I was selected from over 400 applicants. At the time, it was a four-year apprenticeship, leading to a career as a journeyman wireman. I thought I’d won the lottery!

The people were great. The training was in-depth. And the work was fantastic… until it ran out! When the economy goes south, you find yourself unemployed, frustrated and broke. You want to work, but when there is no work it’s out of your control. This happened to me in the early 1980’s when Tiz (my wife) and I had two young children. I couldn’t help wonder, “Isn’t there a better way?” Continue reading “How One Reliv Conference Can Change Everything”

You Did It!


by Reliv Senior Vice President of U.S. Sales Don Gibbons

Boy, do I love it when I get to say those words to someone. “You did it.” You set your goals. You worked your plan. You broke through and decided you could believe in yourself. You did it. You really did it. Just two short months ago at International Conference in St. Louis, I had the opportunity to say that over and over again! Continue reading “You Did It!”

Go Back to School with Reliv


by Reliv Senior Vice President of US Sales Don Gibbons

Power up your home business with Reliv Master Affiliate Training Schools (MATS).

Follow this logic:

  • You want to build an INCOME-producing asset: a Reliv business.
  • To do this, you ADVANCE in the Reliv Director Program, a recognition program that celebrates your business growth.
  • Advancement is based upon OVERRIDES. To advance, you must grow your override check.
  • Overrides are paid on volume generated by the MASTER AFFILIATES in your organization.
  • Logically then… you add Master Affiliates, you increase your income.

Continue reading “Go Back to School with Reliv”

June 2015 Recognition


New Leaders from EVERYWHERE!

Rookie Bonus earners are popping up all over North America. When you look at the Rookie Bonus list from June, you’ll see NINE different states represented plus ONE winner in Canada! All points on the compass — all building a Reliv business.

Congratulations to all of our Rookie Bonus Top 10 Winners AND their sponsors! See list below. Continue reading “June 2015 Recognition”

Reliv’s July Engage! Webinar Now Online


Reliv Engage Webinars

Did you miss today’s live Engage! webinar? Be sure to view and share the recording:

Reliv Engage! Business Builder Webinar – July 2015

Host: Senior Vice President of US Sales Don Gibbons

Description: Financial Independence: Is it really possible? How does a simple action today lead to something that seems so big and so far away? Most importantly, what is that action? Let’s talk about it.

View the recording.

May 2015 Recognition

SubscribeButton-webCongratsBB-webAmbassadors Lead the Way in May
One thing Reliv Ambassadors understand: When an announcement is coming, it’s time to take action BEFORE the announcement is made. That’s exactly what happened in May 2015. Ambassadors heard the message of an announcement coming June 1st, and they took ACTION right away. The result: five of the Top 10 Bonus earners for May were Reliv Ambassadors!
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New Opportunity Presentation Suite Is Here!

SubscribeButton-webNewOppSuite-webOppSuiteMaterials-webReliv has a compelling story to tell, cutting-edge products to share and a remarkable opportunity to offer. Our new Opportunity Presentation gets right to the heart of it all. Working with top Distributors we have designed this presentation to produce one common response from everyone who sees it: “Tell me more!”

A companion Opportunity Book is also now available along with a presentation video featuring Senior Vice President of US Sales Don Gibbons.

Ready to tell people about Reliv? Download the slides, view the video, order the book and share it all!



Power of Promotion

Reliv's Don Gibbons

With our current Ignition Promotion, you will see people move forward in our business faster than ever. What used to take months, or even years, to achieve will be realized in a fraction of the time. You’re going to see opportunities to realize your goals like you’ve never seen before. You must make sure you are taking full advantage of this unique time in Reliv.

Just think of this like a car engine. When an engine shifts from one gear to the next, it’s not working any harder. The new gear makes the car move faster on the same effort. You are moving farther and faster as a result of the higher gear. The higher gear kicks in and accelerates your vehicle.

Reliv is your vehicle to move forward on the Road to Presidential Director. Ignition shifts your Reliv vehicle into a higher gear! Tell people about the promotion. Use the NEW Epigenetics Brochure, the NEW Videos, and the Lifestyle Magazines to get attention. Pop your Reliv business into a new gear – AND GET READY TO ACCELERATE!

Reliv 25 Promotion: Making It Count

Promotions can create increased “action” in your business. The Reliv 25 Conference is fast approaching – and when it gets here, you want as much action in your business as possible. In this webinar Don Gibbons talks about how you can use the Reliv 25 Promotion to maximize your action levels and increase your business.

Reliv 25 Promotion: Making It Count
Hosted by: Don Gibbons

View the webinar now!