My Story: Sherry Cramer

Back in Control With GlucAffect

Reliv Director Sherry Cramer of Charleroi, Pennsylvania, really looks forward to putting a scoop of GlucAffect™ in her coffee. “It tastes a little bit like hot chocolate with cinnamon,” says Sherry, who started taking Reliv products when was diagnosed with type II diabetes two years ago. Continue reading “My Story: Sherry Cramer”

My Story: Sara Shields

Lower Blood Sugar, Lower Weight, Better Health
Two years ago at the age of just 31, Sara Shields of Siletz, Oregon, already had many symptoms of metabolic syndrome. She was overweight, apple-shaped, and had high cholesterol and high blood sugar. Her doctors told her she would likely have diabetes by age 35 if she didn’t make some lifestyle changes. Continue reading “My Story: Sara Shields”

No More Missing Out Thanks To GlucAffect

BrendaFettig2 Brenda Fettig, a Reliv Director from East Helena, Montana, didn’t realize just how unhealthy she was until she started feeling better with Reliv.

“I think sometimes you just don’t realize what you’re missing out on,” says Brenda, who was diagnosed as a Type II diabetic in October 2007. “Diabetes runs in my family on both sides, and I knew I was at risk, but I guess I was so busy putting everyone else first, that I didn’t take it seriously.” Continue reading “No More Missing Out Thanks To GlucAffect”

GlucAffect Delivers!

GregoryJohnson22 Reliv Six-Star Key Director Greg Johnson, of Olympia, Washington, just wants to live a long, normal, healthy life, and the key will be paying close attention to his adult-onset diabetes, a disease he knows can be dangerous if left unchecked.
“Diabetes can creep up on you,” says Greg, a retired school administrator who started taking Reliv’s basic nutrition six years ago in hopes of avoiding some of the complications he’s seen friends and family members suffer as a result of the disease he’s battled himself for 11 years. Continue reading “GlucAffect Delivers!”

A Bit of Brotherly Advice

BrianEdelstein22 About a year ago, Brian Edelstein was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Brian, who lives in a Chicago suburb and works as a project manager in the printing industry, immediately changed the way he ate and stepped up his exercise program. He did everything his doctors advised.

When Reliv introduced GlucAffect® last November, Brian’s brother, Alan, suggested that he try this new product to help further reduce his blood glucose levels. Continue reading “A Bit of Brotherly Advice”

GlucAffect: Clinically Proven to Aid in Blood Sugar Management

SubscribeButton-webglucaffect Approximately 47 million Americans have metabolic syndrome, which is a combination of symptoms that includes high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high triglycerides, abnormal cholesterol levels and excess body weight (especially abdominal fat). Many have no idea they have it. Continue reading “GlucAffect: Clinically Proven to Aid in Blood Sugar Management”