Pinkies Up to Reduce Diabetes Risk

SubscribeButton-webpinkies upOn a blustery, cold winter day, a cozy cup of hot coffee or tea can be just what the doctor ordered to warm you up — and reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The benefits are sipped whether you prefer caffeinated or decaf coffee or tea. Continue reading “Pinkies Up to Reduce Diabetes Risk”

What’s So Great About Losing Weight? (Besides Looking Better?)

If you ask your heart, or back, or joints, the most important reason to lose weight is for your health, not your looks. So consider looking better a major perk of weight loss — not to mention great motivation. Your clothes will fit better. Your self-confidence will soar. You may even dress better. But your whole body, from the inside out, will celebrate your weight loss!
Let’s look more closely at how weight affects your body. Continue reading “What’s So Great About Losing Weight? (Besides Looking Better?)”

GlucAffect: Clinically Proven to Aid in Blood Sugar Management

SubscribeButton-webglucaffect Approximately 47 million Americans have metabolic syndrome, which is a combination of symptoms that includes high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high triglycerides, abnormal cholesterol levels and excess body weight (especially abdominal fat). Many have no idea they have it. Continue reading “GlucAffect: Clinically Proven to Aid in Blood Sugar Management”