From Surviving to Thriving: How A Supplemental Income Can Change Your Life


Slaying the Debt Monster

Seven in 10 American families are in debt. In other words, they live beyond their means, spending more than they earn. Using debt to purchase goods has become so common that many people simply accept debt as their reality.

If you’ve got reoccurring debt payments (auto, mortgage, student loans, etc.), you’ve already given away that much of your paycheck each month before you’ve even earned the money. It’s spoken for and you’ll never be able to use it to achieve your dreams. If you’re making payments on a credit card or student loan, it’s time to get serious about evicting these money pits from your family budget. And don’t be fooled into thinking that mortgages and car payments are “good” debt. Instead of concerning yourself with building a high credit score by making monthly payments, get these debts paid off and start to build a stockpile of actual money!

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My Story: Doug and Julie Stout

Tackling Debt, Building a Future
Just three years ago, Senior Directors Doug and Julie Stout of Belgrade, Montana, faced a mountain of medical debt from their son’s lengthy illness.
“We both had good full-time jobs and Doug even took on two extra side jobs, but we couldn’t get ahead,” Julie says. “Plus my older kids had been raised in daycare and I wanted to stay home with our youngest daughter.” Continue reading “My Story: Doug and Julie Stout”