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Will your Reliv business enable you to go on a vacation, come home from your corporate job or send your kids to camp or off to college?

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July Reliv Contest: Caption This Photo





There are some serious shenanigans going on at the Reliv Headquarters in Chesterfield, MO, and Tom Pinnock is involved! What is he thinking in this photo? What will he say next? We asked you to send in your best captions, and here are our favorites:

“Before Reliv, my idea of exercise was pulling the plug on the bathtub and fighting the current!” – Lisa Hartzler

“This is what happens after a week without FibRestore!” –Joseph Kirk Kunze

“I am Tom; Tom I am! I’m the Epigenetic Super Man!” –Caroline Laverdiere

“I don’t always do curls with 10 pound dumbbells, but when I do I make sure to add ProVantage to my Reliv shake.” – Shirley Frankenbery

“Oops! That one slipped out! Maybe a little less FibRestore next workout!” – Lauren Laird

May Reliv Mommy & Me Blog Contest


May is a wonderful month to celebrate motherhood! Our mothers do so much for us, and it’s time to tell the world how great they are! Did your mother teach you about optimal nutrition? Does she still call to make sure you’re still stocked up with Reliv Now® and LunaRich X®? We asked you to share her best advice to you, and here are the winning responses!

Margie Porter's Mom


My mother was the best.  She had a way of making everyone feel that they were the most important good person on the earth, she loved with unconditional love. – Margie Porter, Mesa, AZ







Terry Kilburg


My mother is my upline, and she makes sure I take my Reliv shakes correctly and consistently! – Terry Kilburg, Bellevue, IA




Joe Kunze


My mother introduced Reliv to me when I was 16. I have gone from a broken back to pain-free over the past 17 years and could not have the life I have now without her caring for my health in every way. – Joe Kunze, Grand Prairie, TX


October Reliv 25 Contest



You’ve heard the idiom “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

At Reliv, we know that a scoop of prevention is worth a lot!

We asked you to tell us what prevention means to you! More time with family? Feeling better longer? Share your motivation to stay healthy!

Here are the winning responses!

Prevention, well let’s see. There are A LOT of really scary things out there today. From all the “New Illnesses” to the stuff that we “don’t know we are eating.” Prevention to me means that I can keep myself as healthy as possible while enjoying my life! –Debbi Grenz

Good health and prevention means taking care of myself so I can live to be a great-great grandfather and still doing my daily taekwondo. –Mike Michelozzi

My family has a history of health problems. I am taking the Reliv Now, Optain, Herbal Harmony and ProVantage. I now sleep better at night, have more energy, less pain in my body and can eat most foods again without feeling sick. Reliv shakes are my favorite breakfast and an love the taste.  So healthy and so good. What a great way to start the day. – Sharon Wittmeier

My name is Sidney and I am a 20 year old college student and runner. Prevention is what got me started on Reliv. Last summer I was looking for a way to step up my game, I was constantly tired and was looking for some daily nutrition. My friend told me about Reliv and I started out with the Now and Innergize. Within a month my fatige was almost gone and I felt better than ever. I also found the Reliv helped me in school as well. I was able to concentrate better and I had a new drive to do better. I am thankful every day for Reliv and I will never stop taking the products!-Sidney Afshari

My family has a lengthy medical history. I am young and really have no major health problems. However, knowing my family history, it has become important to me that I stay healthy so that I can avoid the same medical conditions that generations before me have faced. Reliv was the way I chose to stay healthy for as long as possible! – Karri Harbrecht

Prevention means independence as we enter our upper middle age or senior years.  We not only have the time and freedom to travel but also the health to do so. We are both 60+ now, and feeling good is important for everyday and every special day. Reliv is our health insurance! –Dee Ann Lucks

Sadly, many of us provide better maintenance to our cars than we do ourselves. I am guilty of that at times as well. I work a high stress, mentally challenging, corporate sit down job that requires long hours. My story is not remarkable, but it is sincere. Reliv makes all the difference in my life. At the end of my day, I have energy I didn’t have when I was much younger and definitely would not have if I didn’t drink Reliv. – Linda Commo


August Reliv 25 Contest


It’s back to school time, so we asked you to share a lesson on how 24K has given you the energy and concentration you need to succeed! We asked for your 24K story (when you take it, what it helps you do, etc.) in 25 words or less. Here are our prize winners! Congratulations and thanks to all who entered!

Full time nanny, college student, photographer and wedding planning: I was exhausted! After taking 24K I now have friends and family saying, “Welcome back!”–Megan Matthews

I take 24K regularly every morning to get my day off to a good start. It also helps me relax and get to sleep when my mind is in a whirl. I sleep sound and don’t’ wake up until morning! – Guyna Dehne

On a 6-mile hike in the Rockies, I grabbed my 24K. It got me to the top of a waterfall at 9,500 ft. I love 24K!–Lisa Cooper

My 24K gets me going, even when headaches/sleepiness slow me. With 24K, I still downhill-ski at 56, and can drive longer with focus.-Nancy Couch Nowak

My son was sleeping through his first period class. Now he takes 24K before exiting the bus. He hasn’t slept through a class since!-Cathy Fairbairn

24K helped stop our jet lag from Australia to Orlando ready for the International Conference. Felt great and ready to learn lots at Conference! Yay for 24K! – Ian and Judy King

I first started taking the 24K about a year ago. I now take 24k twice a day and am training for my first ever 5k run!–Jeff Walker

I am a stroke survivor, who, thanks to Reliv, teaches special needs children. Every morning my shake and 24K, give me needed focus and energy.–Jeanette Laird

I start my day with 24k. It gives me energy for the gym. After class, it keeps my mind clear and alert to hit the books.-Nick Liemandt

24K at bedtime breaks our end-of-day stress cycle, allowing restful sleep and to awaken full of energy ready to move our business forward!-Jeff & Jodi Sugrue


July Reliv 25 Contest


July is the month to celebrate American independence, so we wanted to know — in what ways has Reliv given you freedom? Are you more free to move? Travel? Live the way you want to live?

you sent in your entries in 25 words or less and here are the winners!

“Reliv has given me freedom in more ways than I could imagine! Freedom from pain, freedom from stress and freedom to be with my three kids instead of a 40-hour per week job!” – Debbi Grenz

“I’ve got my energy back, improved my mental clarity and am able to walk without pain! I have visited Europe and walked through castles and museums!” – Cindy Carr

“I have the freedom to do things right and always help people. No bosses, no politics, no excuses. Just do right and make a difference!” – Robert Laird

“We’ve had great health with no medical limitations and a monthly income for 17 years allowing us to retire early, travel and give 100% to our families.” – Mike & Shirley Michelozzi


“Reliv has given me 17 years of family and time freedom as a stay-at-home mother to my two girls, who are now 17 and 19.” – Dawn Hesselink-VanAmberg

“Reliv has given me the freedom of healthy and the ability to move my body. I’ve lost 39 pounds, run a half marathon and I wake up each morning feeling wonderful. I’m able to travel to visit my children and grandchildren, and have the freedom to work at doing what I believe in with all my heart! Thank you Reliv for my new way of life!” – Sheryl Nieman-Hancock

“Because of Reliv we have been able to spend time with our family, travel the world and have balance in our lives.” – Steve & Joyce Holthaus

“Since December 31, I’ve lost more than 30 pounds with Reliv! I’m more confident at work and sharing my story with others!” – Bobby Robles



May Reliv Contest


Helping others bring out their best is what Reliv is all about. In May, we challenged you to offer your best piece of advice for someone just starting their Reliv business.

Should they set specific goals, try new products or make lists?

Here are the winning responses!

Be honestly interested in your customer/distributor’s best interests. Whomever you’re dealing with, make it a genuine connection, even if you’re “just” sharing your story.
-Bobbi Killinger 

DON’T do it alone! USE your upline!
-Rosanna Heatwole 

Like an American Express card, don’t leave home without your sponsor. So whether it’s in person or over the phone, use that connection every day!
-Dee Ann Lucks 

Make calls every day! Connect someone to your upline or a story every day! Make it happen! Make it a habit! Make calls!
-Deborah Williams 

Set and write down daily, weekly and monthly goals! Don’t be afraid to ask for help on how to reach them either!
-Roger Rodriguez  (@rgrrabbit1 on Twitter)

Talk to everyone. Exchange numbers. Listen for a need and the desire to do something about it. Get them stories. Listen.
-Peggy Liedtke

Believe in yourself and your ability to make a difference. Don’t let anyone stop you from helping change people’s lives, one life at a time.
-Judy Friend

You have questions, doubts, just ask your upline! Your upline is the key!
-Anne Gutierrez 

Prizes are a reward for what you would do anyway. Sponsor incredibly wide. Lead by example. Always try for a Dr. Ted award each month.
-Betty Blazic 

Find someone who knows more than you, who is achieving what it is you want to achieve, and make yourself their shadow for 90 days.
-Sherka Dougherty

April Reliv Poetry Contest

Spring has sprung (finally!) and we can’t help but hear music and poetry in the air! The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and we feel GREAT thanks to Reliv!

We’re also celebrating 25 years of Reliv (and good nutrition!), so we asked you to send us a poem in 25 words or less telling us how Reliv puts a SPRING in your step! Here are the winning submissions:

Spring is in the air.
Flowers are blooming everywhere.
Kids come out to play.
Reliv is part of their healthy day!
-Rosanne Knape 

Heart beats sound and strong ,
Endurance, body runs long,
Mind  focus and clear.
The future is clear,  no fear,
Reliv hear to change the world.
-Mark Willingham

Reliv is here.
Stay healthy no fear.
JUMP START this Spring.
Let us all sing,
Our very best pitch,
its Reliv and LUNARICH
-Cindy Carr 

Like the April showers
that bring forth beautiful flowers,
Reliv unleashes the spring in my step
for many beautiful hours!
-Debby Hesterberg

Thoughts of Spring is…NOW!
See yourself Blossom and…Wow!
Reliv Nutrition…planted in your Mind!
Reliv Benefits…your greatest Find!
Nourished…with Reliv Nutrition!
-Sandra L. Gaeta

RelivNow or LunarichX
It puts spring in my step
It improves my health
and increases my wealth
Spread the word
To those who haven’t heard
-Vicki Kotsaftis

Reliv shakes twice a day
Aches and pains have gone away
Feel so good and stay quite well
I’m 74 but who can tell?
-Mary Anderson

Spring is here
Nothing to fear
No pain, no strife
Reliving my life
Now time for fun
Gold panning with my Son
Thank you Reliv!
-Cindy Glynn

Like birds of a feather,
We take Reliv together.
Joints aren’t sore,
Energy to do more,
And our knees no longer predict the weather!
-Heidi Haddix

Day by day a new spring breaks,
RELIV is renewed health I will gladly take!
step by step, shake by shake.
-Cynthia M Kanyak