Don’t Let the Moment Fade

By Reliv Chief Executive Officer Ryan A. Montgomery

As I reflect upon all the moments we shared last weekend in Dallas, my main wish for you is to remember that feeling you took away from the event. Conferences are so important to our growth and culture because they’re a time for us to motivate and inspire one another, network with old and new friends, learn best practices from leaders leading by example (e.g. Saturday workshops from Hawaii winners), embrace the vision of the future, hear new innovations related to our products (e.g. SS Biotech tour and the RLV Hemp Extract + Melatonin) and new technologies to apply in your business (e.g. Get Digital), and hear industry trends from special guest speakers Steve Reid and Paul Adams.

I could go on about the value of conference, but to sum it all up in a sentence, conference builds everyone’s wall of belief, mine included. It builds my belief knowing that we have:  

  1. a life-changing product line that continues to grow;
  2. a business opportunity that is more relevant and modern than ever; and most importantly 
  3. passionate people that are committed to a shared future.

People are what make our business special and successful—past, present, and future. For years, I’ve typically felt this way after a conference, but this one was different because I sensed the impact went deeper for those that attended. 

Perhaps you were in Dallas to simply reunite with old acquaintances or to hear what’s new, and that’s okay. We appreciate everyone in Reliv. But if you were in Dallas to make 2020 better than 2019 in your business, then I implore you to maintain that emotion for the next five months until we meet again in St. Louis

Remember how you felt, remember the commitment you made to yourself, remember your goals for 2020 which perhaps might include the trip of a lifetime to Hawaii. Don’t let the energy fade! Keep it bottled up inside you because distractions, as well as ups and downs, will happen.  Anything worth achieving will be met with resistance.

For the next five months, be intentional with sponsoring new customers and distributors. The key is to be customer-centric and distributor focused at the same time. Get your leaders registered for St. Louis in July to experience what you felt in Dallas. Invest five months, and see what happens!

Earning the Reliv trip to Hawaii can become a reality, and you’ll also be building a thriving business! My advice: Keep your WHY front and center in your mind and DON’T LET THE MOMENT FADE when you saw a glimpse of your promise of the future. 

In the meantime, we’d love to see posts on social media from anyone who attended RLC Dallas. Post a photo and tell us about your commitment! Snap a picture of the goals you wrote down in your exclusive 2020 business planner and share it with us on social media with the hashtag #ilovereliv. If earning the trip to Hawaii this year is your goal, take a selfie and tell us “I’m in for #Hawaii2020! 



You Can Be the Change





Being the Change Sip by Sip

I go to Starbucks several times a week to work on my Reliv business and I buy myself a drink while there. I decided that with every Starbucks drink I bought during the 40 days of Lent, I would donate $5 to the Kalogris Foundation. In the end, I made it an even $200 donation. I know that it really helps make a difference in someone’s life.

Roger Rodriguez /  La Puente, CA

Have you ever wanted to visit a Reliv Kalogris Foundation feeding program? To meet the children you are helping to nourish on a daily basis? Do not miss your chance! Continue reading “You Can Be the Change”

10 Reasons NOT to Go to International Conference


Reliv’s International Conference is just a few months away, and you’ve probably considered going. Stop right there and consider what will happen if you do attend:

  1. You’ll burn through camera batteries as you snap photos of all your new friends.
  2. You’ll ruin your handkerchief with tears after you hear inspiring, life-changing stories.
  3. You’ll lose your voice from cheering all the big announcements.
  4. You’ll feel sorry for all your friends who didn’t make the trip.
  5. You’ll have your mind blown by Reliv scientists and the possibilities of the epigenetic revolution.
  6. Your hand will cramp from all the note taking, texting and hand shaking you do.
  7. Your face will hurt from smiling and laughing all weekend long.
  8. You’ll have no choice but to spring into action with what you learn from Reliv’s top business builders.
  9. You’ll have to keep up with all the new business you generate in the days that follow.
  10. You’ll have to make yet another trip to the bank to deposit your ever-growing Reliv check.

If you’re really interested in taking control of your life, then fine, go to Conference. If getting the most out of every day doesn’t sound exhausting to you, then be my guest — punch your ticket to Kansas City. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you when you end up on stage telling your success story at every Reliv conference for years to come.

Don’t be an April Fool! Sign up for International Conference today! Early bird pricing has been extended through the end of the month — register now and save $40!


Igniting Success

Acceleration-webReliv’s recent Ignition Promotion generated big excitement — and big business — for Distributors across North America. And we don’t want it to stop!  The reduced profit level qualifications that revved up business growth during Ignition and Acceleration promotions are here to stay! Check it out.

The Reliv 25 Conference in July blew us away! We couldn’t believe the sincerity, kindness and passion of the people we met there; it inspired us. When Ignition came in August, it added fuel to the fire. We hosted two at-home parties that produced two new Master Affiliates plus additional Distributors. The reduced qualifications made it easier for people to reach higher profit levels. After 35 years in the swimming pool industry, we plan to use this momentum to create a full-time income with Reliv.
Richard & Debra Larsen, West Bountiful, UT

I started with Reliv seven years ago and have seen some ups and downs in my business — and right now things are way up! Acceleration gives me a new incentive to talk to people. Even people only interested in taking the products are starting at higher levels. Combined with the science of LunaRich® and how quickly people are seeing results on the products, I have a whole new confidence in what I have with Reliv. It’s not just a job now; I’m on a mission!
April McClellan, Schleswig, IA

We launched our business in April and hit the ground running. We saw people starting on the products and getting awesome results! We were rewarded with a plaque at the Orlando Conference for our efforts. The Ignition Promotion came along and it was like dumping fuel to the already lit fire. We earned a Kalogris plaque in August. Acceleration allows more people to receive the rewards of Master Affiliates. More products on hand equals better results at a larger discounted price and a more exciting opportunity to tell others the good news of Reliv.
Scott & Dawn Weaver, Imler PA

We started with Reliv eight years ago, but this past September was our best month ever in the business. We added three new Master Affiliates to our organization, helped two others add Master Affiliates of their own, sponsored more Distributors, plus had new customers. The combination of LunaRich and Acceleration makes Reliv such an obvious opportunity right now. People are excited about the products and have an easier path to get started in the business. Presidential Director here we come!
Lydia & Randy Dice, Grand Rapids, MI

June Reliv 25 Contest

JuneContestConfWe’re gearing up for the Reliv 25 Conference in Orlando and wanted to know — what is your favorite conference moment? Here are our favorite entries! Thanks to everyone who participated!

We loved it when the Amish couple won the 24K car promotion … we saw the true heart of Reliv when the couple was presented a check for 24K! –Annette Wells

It’s when Scott debuts the latest videos from the Kalogris Foundation. I am always so very touched by how the things we do as Distributors makes such a difference around the world. –Dee Ann Lucks

I love it when someone totally unexpectedly or brand new earns a bonus and they had no idea it was coming. They just worked hard to grow their business and POOF! They get rewarded! So encouraging and fun! – Gwen Goodsell

I love watching the smiling faces in the Reliv Kalogris Foundation videos, knowing that Reliv is making a difference in their lives. – Donna Markham

At my first conference they asked for everyone with Reliv results to stand up. Almost the entire room stood and I was floored! Amazing moment! – Robert Laird


RKF Second Quarter Update

Reliv Friends and Donors:

We are happy to report on the latest updates from the Reliv Kalogris Foundation.

Feeding Programs

During the month of May, RKF Director Reggie Ament and Development Coordinator Kathy Brawley visited Malaysia and the Philippines to spend time with our country coordinators and the many volunteers that run our daily feeding programs. You can read about their trip and see the kids from our feeding programs that greeted them along the way. Read the recap of the trip. Continue reading “RKF Second Quarter Update”

My Story: Julie and Mark Simpson

A Passion for the Work

According to Senior Directors Julie and Mark Simpson of Wichita, Kansas, the key to achieving success with Reliv is to remember that it is much more than a business. “When I realized that my work with Reliv wasn’t about me, but was instead about making a difference in other people’s lives, my business just took off from there,” says Julie. Continue reading “My Story: Julie and Mark Simpson”