Athlete Reaches New Heights

Key Director Robin Lane Allsoppof Basking Ridge, NJ, discovered Relìv five years ago. An athlete most of her life, Robin was astounded by the results she experienced on the Relìv products.

At 25, Robin tried to compete in a marathon and injured her knee. The pain was slowing her down… until she discovered Relìv.

“I started with Relìv Classic®, Innergize!® and FibRestore®. When I added ProVantage®, I noticed an improvement in my endurance, stamina and recovery time,” she explains. “In fact, I was able to increase my mileage with Relìv!”

When Robin first heard about Team Relìv at the 2010 National Conference, she ran behind the stage to thank the Relìv staff. Her first Team Relìv event, the Our House Five Miler, generated 80 leads!

“And having to log my mileage for the Team Relìv Running Club was a great motivator for me. I started running races again,” Robin says. She started biking and swimming again too.

In July 2010, Robin competed in her very first triathlon. “I had an amazing sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. I realized that my body could be strong! I felt so great afterwards and I know it is because of these products,” she says. “If it wasn’t for Relìv, I would not have accomplished this!”