Reliv Personal Websites: A Q&A with Chris Scherting




Chris Scherting, Reliv’s Director of Marketing, answers questions regarding the new personal websites that were launched on May 6, 2015.

What makes these websites so useful?

Reliv’s personal websites (PWS) are mobile-ready. They offer built-in responsive design which means they respond to any device, whether you are looking at it on a small or large phone, horizontal or vertical, tablet, etc. The fact that they are mobile ready allows the site to have two primary purposes. One is that it is a tool you take with you every single day. You can play a video, make a presentation, sign someone up, they can order product or you can take their contact information in the lead form. It’s just one tap away when you create a bookmark on the home page of your device. The other aspect is it is a normal website on the internet where you can send people to visit it at their leisure. They can take action right away and order product or sign up on their own.

What makes these personal websites different from

We call them your “personal websites,” so we’ve given Distributors more ways to personalize their websites. They can upload multiple photos or stories, they can change the four home page icons to select pages they want to highlight, and they can choose their own featured products. It is a personal website that you can personalize yourself and how you like to present the Reliv story.

How do you expect this to impact business?

If Distributors put a bookmark to their PWS on their smartphone and their tablet, and they use this everyday while talking to people about Reliv, it will help them build their business. This is a tool that inserts itself into the stages of identify, connect and share the story. You still need to make your list and find people who don’t know about Reliv. This is just one more tool to help you tell them about Reliv.

What are you the most proud about regarding this website design?

One, the entire marketing department had something to do with these sites. I am so proud of everyone and all of their hard work to write, design, program, build and test the sites. We have an amazing team here working to support Distributor’s success. So the biggest thing I will be proud of is when I hear the Distributors using the sites to build their business, I see check totals go up, people start advancing and we fill the stage at International Conference with new Ambassadors!

What support would I, as a Distributor, have from Headquarters?

As with anything regarding Reliv, our Distributor Services Center (DSC) offers live phone support. They can answer any questions ranging from how to upload a picture to your story to questions about specific products and ordering. They are there for you and willing to help! The number is 1-800-735-4887.

Special Offer: Right now, all Master Affiliates get the Reliv Web Bundle — your personal website plus Distributor Dashboard to track your business — FREE for your first 3 months. The bundle is regularly just $15/month.

Take the guided video tour to learn more and click here to launch your own Reliv website today!

Fore! Lessons for Life From Reliv’s (Golf) Pros


August is National Golf Month, and Reliv professionals have lessons to share from their time on the course. Their advice translates beautifully from the game into entrepreneurship and life.

Ryan Montgomery, President

Golf can be a roller coaster. One day can be your career best, and the next day it all falls apart. I’ve learned to keep my confidence from the game of golf. The key is to remember the good shots and forget the bad.

Patience and a positive attitude are better for your game, and also more enjoyable for those playing in your group. This translates to business when you’re in a situation that requires persistence and an optimistic outlook.

Don’t try to do too many things with your golf swing. It’s easy to get too many swing thoughts going on at once when standing above the ball. Find what works for you, on an off the course, and repeat that behavior. Keep it simple.

Chris Scherting, Director of Marketing

As an inexperienced beginner, golf has taught me patience and humility. You have to swallow your pride and set your own small goals for improvement. I get excited when I don’t lose a ball on a hole or if the ball simply gets a little lift! These small victories keep me going.

The golf swing and hand position is strange and awkward at first. It requires a lot of practice. The tough thing while practicing alone is that you have no idea what you are doing wrong or what adjustment to make. I have participated in several golf camps and private lessons where I was able to learn from a more experienced golfer. It’s amazing how a minor adjustment can make a major improvement in the direction or distance of the ball. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help and wisdom from someone who has been playing longer than you, and be flexible enough to try a new technique if your current one isn’t working.

Kurt Wulff, Vice President of Marketing

Focus on what is important: It gets increasingly difficult to stay in touch with certain friends and family as I get older. Our lives never seem to slow down. Golf has made it possible for me to spend time with certain friends and family members I wouldn’t see on a regular basis if not for our tee time. It has taught me the importance of putting time and effort into relationships with those I care about.

Learn the importance of consistent practice: When it comes to golf, the best way to practice is to identify the fundamentals of a good swing and then practice them over and over again. Even the world’s top professionals practice constantly and make adjustments as needed along the way. No matter how good your swing is, you will see a decline in performance without consistent practice.

Seek coaching and expert advice: It is often impossible to know what you are doing wrong without someone who is better than you, and more experienced, reviewing your swing and identifying issues only they can see as a trained observer. Leverage their expertise to your advantage and your game will improve dramatically.


Zig Ziglar, Endorphins and Reliv International Conference

I was listening to a Zig Ziglar motivational podcast this morning on the way to work: “Plan for your Success” from March 15, 2013. It’s about 16 minutes long, and you can find it in the iTunes store. While listening, I heard a tie to one of the biggest reasons you need to come to the Reliv 25 International Conference in Orlando.


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