Flourishing With Reliv Now for Kids

“To watch my child flourishing is wonderful,” says Kim Smith, a Reliv Master Affiliate from Franklin, Indiana. But Kim’s three-year-old son, Eli, didn’t always enjoy good health.elismith

Eli suffered from several food allergies and asthma, and trips to the emergency room were common. His breathing problems and allergies kept him indoors while other children played outside. Continue reading “Flourishing With Reliv Now for Kids”

4 Key Nutrients for Children’s Optimal Health

SubscribeButton-webChildren's health Children’s bodies rely on a steady intake of vitamins and minerals for normal growth and development. A child who is well-nourished with the optimal intake of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients has the best advantage for leading a healthy and happy life into adulthood. Continuing research into children’s nutrition has identified four key nutrients that go beyond the basic vitamins and minerals in supporting brain development and a healthy immune system. Continue reading “4 Key Nutrients for Children’s Optimal Health”